EuroVelo 6 - France, Sancerre to Gien 74 km

EuroVelo 6 - France, Sancerre to Gien 74 km

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After a good night rest in the camping was time to go out and explore the medieval town of Sancerre which is beautifully located on top of the hill couple of km away from the river, overlooking the Loire valley. Great I said, may be I can find a place to have breakfast as well up there. I was inspired to leave the panniers with all my luggage at the camping reception at the river level to only ride the bare bike up there. It was a smart decision climbing the 300 m hill on an empty stomach to see Sancerre in this light fashion so I could spare some of my energy for the main route later in the day.

Sancerre is located on the Loire Valley in central France in the Cher department, 200 km south of Paris. It is well known for its wines.

Suspension bridge at Saint-Thibault (1834)

I didn't took many photos in Sancerre cause it started raining that morning but it has a nice little medieval centre with stone houses and narrow cobbled streets as you can see in the one decent photo I manage to capture. Instead I went straight for breakfast which I still remember, especially the dessert.

I think I'll have an omelette for breakfast

Was a good decision!

But the cafe gourmand was the pièce de résistance this morning

Just when you go out of the town centre there is this nice viewpoint where you can take some time to admire the Loire Valley landscape while deciding which direction to continue. No dilemma for us, we continue downstream the Loire to Gien this afternoon following the EuroVelo 6 route.

Sauvignon blanc de Sancerre crisp, elegant and fresh comes from here

Jeep Willys is always in trend

Back to Canal Lateral a la Loire

Can't get better than this for a cyclist

Why not cruising Central France? By boat or by bike you decide!

The route is well marked so you can't get lost

Belleville Nuclear Power Plant 2620 MW

You'll have the opportunity to see a nuclear power plant up close when you approach Belleville-sur-Loire. Completed in 1988-1989 the 2x1300MW P4 nuclear reactors are covering 4% of France's electricity needs. It is operated by EDF and uses the Loire river as its cooling source.

Powering up some steam :)

We continue cycling along the Canal Lateral a la Loire

The magic forest

Swan S20 anual reunion

Love cycling on the Loire dikes!

Briare aqueduct

The Briare aqueduct was inaugurated in 1896 and is 662 m in length and for a long time was the longest steel canal aqueduct in the world before Magdeburg Water Bridge over Elbe in Germany was opened in 2003. Gustave Eiffel contributed to the structural works and today is still in operation being a registered historic monument in France.

Counting my coins while I still can :)

St Brisson - a typical french village

Clouds generator (or just another nuclear power plant)

Welcome to Gien!

Let's call Camping Gien our home for tonight! Yet another nice surprise from this 3* camping, like most french campings on the EuroVelo 6 route to here is the perfect overnight option for any cyclist, spotless clean and well maintained plus it has a pool and the sandy Loire beach just on its side to enjoy on those hot summer days, not to mention they have good pizza and beer. Probably that's why France is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Shower and laundry done, now it's dinner time!

Hot pizza & a cold beer must be the perfect combination to end the day

Since pizza and beer go hand in hand with a movie I took the opportunity to make this blog post more immersive with a short video collage to summarise the day for you, hope you'll like it.

Here is the map with our progress on EuroVelo 6 for today:

Zoom in today's itinerary

Zoom out today's itinerary

Until next time,

©Discover EuroVelo

All photos were taken with my iPhone 6S.

EuroVelo, the European Cycle Route Network” are registered marks of ECF asbl.

I have no affiliation with EuroVelo or other organisations mentioned here, I am just a tourist sharing his opinion.

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Beautiful collection. Excellent proof that great landscape photos can be taken even with cloudy sky :) Btw those two chimneys somehow appear to be releasing the clouds :D

Amazing travel report as always. Also, I am happy to see you using the TravelFeed application, the gang behind this app has been doing an oustanding job.

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation my friend. Indeed TravelFeed team is doing a great job with their platform, still needs some polish but they are getting there quite fast. Would like to see more options for post design customisation like an easy way to have 2 portrait photos side by side and a better post preview but I'm sure they are working on it. Love the easy way to add links and location plus the general look and feel of the platform.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Just as you say, there is always room for improvement but I think Julian and his team are doing their best to make the application as easy and comfortable to use as possible :) I just made a little promo of this app in the Czech community today, I think you saw that...

I love riding a bike. It gives a lot of freedom and you can develop faster speed than during walking or running. And this views :) One day I would like to go on such a long bike trip. Maybe one of your articles will be an inspiration to me :)

Happy to hear that you find inspiration in my articles Katie, yow are going to love bike touring once you first experience it. Why not plan something for this summer on EuroVelo 6 (the rivers route), it's an easy route good for a beginner. When you click on an EuroVelo 6 link in my article will take you to EuroVelo 6 official route website. Discover EuroVelo!

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