Night at the River - Another view from Bangkok

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The Chao-Phraya River in Bangkok

Today I like you to show a total different view from the huge city of Bangkok.

We did a cruise with a normal ferry boat at an evening where we as well had a wonderful full moon.

Have a look to all that building with all this light and then the moon.

I added as well some nice GIF animations to transport a little bit of the emotions


Phra Arthit Express Boat Pier

We start our journey at the area of the well known **Khao San Road** and there at the Phra Arthit Express Boat Pier

The Thailand river

The Chao-Phraya is the major river in Thailand and the river flows through the city of Bangkok and then into the Gulf of Thailand.

<sup>by [Wikipedia](</sup>

In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya is a major transportation artery for a network of river buses, cross-river ferries, and water taxis ("longtails"). More than 15 boat lines operate on the rivers and canals of the city, including commuter lines.

by Wikipedia

Wat Arun in light

The well known temple Wat Arun is worth a visit in daytime. But even at night this place looks magical

Wat Arun

What a place!

Map of our little journey

See the little trip we did on the river on the map. You might recognize that the way back by bus takes a lot longer. This is one of the reasons, why the ferries are the fastet way to travel Bangkok.

Full moon at the river

What a view. The city lights meet the moon light.

A huge ferris wheel

As well a nice view and then this lights....

All black night and one shiny building

Colorful light at the bridge

As we go down the river, we saw many very nice colored bridges.

Shopping shopping

There are many new shopping centre direct at the river and here you might spend some. We decided not to stop as it was already late and all members of our tour where really hungry.

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront 

We jumped out of the ferry and spend the rest of the evening in this new food and shopping mall at the river.

This large open-air mall occupies the former docks of the East Asiatic Company and was opened in 2012 after extensive renovation of the site. See more at their Website

Now some food

The mall have many different restaurants at the river. Don't expect cheap and typical Thai food but any world food with a view.

And than I found this BEER bar

Look what they offer. Many non "Singha" beer and even a Trappist from Belgium and a "Schneider Weisse" from Germany. Yummy.

This was a little beer paradise and sipping such a nice beer while looking to the river. OHHHH - damn cool!

Have a great day and steem on!!

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Enjoyed the night photography and description about the region.

Hope you have a great time visiting @detlev, knowing you can find good beer at the end of a day, you will need it in this warm climate.

Wat Arun architecture is so impressive hope you get to explore.

This pics are from my trip in July/August this year. I'm actually still in cold Europe

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Many thanks 🙏 and hope to see you soon in BKK

I wish I was already there with you to share a beer (or two).
See you soon my friend.

I fly on Tuesday. But I was there this summer.

Hmm... you are teasing us...
(so many memories for me as I went to BKK two years ago)

It is a great town with so nice people. We stayed 5 days with kids and had so much fun.

Love to see you in a few days in that town.

Nice pictures and interesting report. I invite you to like my photo report from a mountain expedition. Best regards.

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