Bangkok in da Tuk Tuk - Video - Going to SteemFest4

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Detlev in da Tuk Tuk

Sure, this is fun and you have to give it a try. I jumped with my luggage on the way from the airport into a Tuk Tuk.


A hot and noisy ride

Yes, it has no aircon, it is damn noisy and you get all the dust and all that fresh air from the crowded street....

... BUT it is a MUST DO whenever you are in Bangkok

Enjoy my little greeting message out of a Tuk Tuk on my way to the SteemFest 4 in Bangkok.

Make sure you talk about the price with the driver BEFORE you enter the Tuk Tuk as he might "dream" about something funny.

ENJOY the SteemFest

BEER in Bangkok

What would a SteemFest without a BEER

SteemFest 4 Bangkok with Detlev.JPG

The #BeerSaturday in town

It is a tradition on SteemFest since already two years that we do a nice club crawl at the Saturday evening.

I will let you know by tomorrow what we do

But please, if you like to join, leave me a comment that we can estimate how many people we will be.

LIVE Stream

Enjoy the LIVE Stream form the SteemFest and see many interesting speeches on day 2.

You will see me LIVE at around 16:16 until 16:40 local Thailand time. My talk will be about

How to do a CROWDSALE on STEEM
and I will talk about the successful Crowdsale of the BEER token wich we did in July and August 2019 with so many lovely Steemians.

Have a great day
JOIN the BeerSaturday
and steem on!!

@Detlev love steem

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

JOIN Steemit #BeerSaturday

JOIN the Steemit BeerSaturday Challenge TODAY with Detlev.gif

More from @Detlev

Get / shop my book by steem
JOIN BeerSaturday Challenge

Enjoy & Engage Follow & Resteem

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Enjoy your night on the town tomorrow night @detlev appears everyone is having a good time at Steemfest.

Yesssss, we had a wonderful evening at the river.

Here is a !BEER for you to enjoy.

Hey @joanstewart, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Have fun in Bangkok and at the Steemfest. 😊

We do our best to enjoy everything

Viel Spaß und erzähl uns vom Bier dort!

Bei den !BEER hast Du nicht viel verpasst. Trinkbar aber eher einfach.

Hey @muscara, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

The traffic looks hectic and you don't even have a beer to calm the nerves!!

Hehe, I did this already many times and had not a big beer but a big smile

viel Spaß euch allen.... hoffe das TukTuk hat dich heil angebracht...

Jooo, das war überhaupt kein Problem!!

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Wished I was there with yas! You were there 20 or 30 years ago? What for?

Been some more ofter here but first time in my 20ties with my backpack.

Need to have a !BEER with you together soon.....

Tomorrow we will have a #BeerSaturday in the old town.

Hey @enginewitty, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!