Journey to Kasol - Chapter 2

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Note: In my previous post I discussed my journey to Kasol - Chapter 1 (The Airport), This is the second continuation of the previous post.On the way to Tosh VillageWe started from the airport in new delhi and left for our destination Kasol but instead of going Kasol directly we decided to visit the nearby village Tosh first and enjoy its beauty that we have heard from other travellers. We were on the way to Tosh and we were enjoying the scenic places that came all on the way.

We all were enjoying our journey in the car, some were sleeping, some were not but I was awake, I don't like to sleep on a vacation.

The Tosh Village

We reached Tosh, the road to reach the village was in very bad condition and it was night time, with no streetlight or any kind of light with zero visibility and plus the bad broken road, so it took 2 hours to cover a distance of 15 KM to make it to the village, Tosh village was the first place we halted and spent our one night there in the village itself. There is no source or electricity in the village so by the time we reached there, it was completely dark and we just somehow arranged the rooms to stay in the nearby cottage in the village and slept there, the weather was very cold by the time we were in our beds.

The Walk

The next morning I was the first one in my group to woke up, I have a habit of insomnia while I am on a trip to somewhere and I guess this is a good habit, I don't like to go some place on a holiday and sleep in the sake of taking rest, I don't like it, I don't like to waste all my time sleeping instead I can use that time to explore even more places there.

So I woke up early and I started to explore the place and I saw some of the travellers coming out of the woods doing some sort of trekking, I thought of giving it a try and let's see what is in there, I am always an explorer, I saw a small path coming out of the woods, my curiosity grew and suddenly I decided to go that way, it was my first experience to go on a exploring spree like this in the woods alone, with forest all around and only thing that I can hear was of my feets crushing the dry stems beneath my shoe, I continued on walking, it was like a morning walk for me and I can tell you it was so refreshing, the air that I was breathing in my lungs was so pure that I could almost taste the air, it was cold there so I wasn't getting tired of walking, the more I walk the more heat generated from my body, which was good.

The Restaurant

Very far away I saw a restaurant and I was also feeling very hungry, I decided to go there and have some traditional Tosh breakfast,

in the beginning I wasn't sure if that was actually a restaurant or just an abandoned place or anything else, because it was in the woods with no name on it and most importantly I was alone, so at first that scared the shit out of me but I thought that this is a tourist place and the people here won't do anything wrong to jeopardize their tourism, so without an inkling of fear again I went inside and I saw a tent by the side which was empty, I went on the other side of the restaurant and saw two people having breakfast on the edge of the clif on a table with flower in a stand and a lit candle in the centre of the table, they were having noodles in the breakfast, I made up my mind to have the breakfast just like that, enjoying my morning meal with candle on the centre of the table with a scenic view of waterfall and mountains. Wow.

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