Travel Digest #83

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Welcome to the 83rd edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
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Hi. It's @choogirl here. It turns out I lied when I said yesterday was my last post. @martibis just dropped me a DM asking me to do today's since he's got an early flight back to Belgium and doesn't have time to write it. So here I am doing my real final 2017 post.

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#1 Christmas in Padthaway, South Australia

@dolladu starts us off with a wrap-up of his Christmas in Padthaway, South Austraila. This laidback, country town is part of the Limestone Coast, 253 km (157 miles) south east of Adelaide. After visiting family, he stays in a peaceful, rustic cottage surrounded by wildlife and the gorgeous stars above which are unobstructed by light pollution. His Christmas ends with a trip to the long, white, sandy beach at Robe, which he has to himself, and where handstands on the sand are in order.

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#1 Christmas in Padthaway, South Australia

#2 Ninh Binh countryside, Vietnam

Keeping with the countryside theme, we head up to Vietnam next, to Ninh Binh and the surrounds with @reisronddewereld. She describes beauty of the simplicity with which people live in this rural area. As she hikes through picturesque rice fields towards her homestays, she is constantly greeted by children and locals wanting to say hello and offer their hospitality. This traditional agricultural area is only becoming popular with tourists now and therefore goes at a much slower pace than the cities.

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Ninh Binh countryside, Vietnam

#3 Haunted house in County Mayo, Ireland

Finally, we visit a haunted house in County Mayo, Ireland. @changetheearth provides a historical overview of the house and how he came to visit it since it's not your typical tourist destination. From the moment he arrives odd things start to happen, with the creepiest being audible children's laughter. Just looking at this abandoned structure that's been taken over by vines and plants makes me nervous, nevermind encountering its supernatural residents.

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Haunted house in County Mayo, Ireland

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What a wrap up! Thanks for including my post @choogirl 🙌🏼
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a fun and safe New Years 🎊🎊


You're welcome!


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Wow they all look great!! I dont know which one I should read first


Read them all!



#2 Ninh Binh countryside, Vietnam OH this one is really beautiful, i wish i could visit this place soon.