Two ladies in red and pink beside the grey lagoon during a trek in which women commanded... Colorchallenge: Monday Red --

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Hi, dear steemians, lovers of travels and nature:

I made this photo of these two beautiful friends and trekking mates near one of the many lagoons we find on the way to the heights of the Sierra La Culata National Park, which is in the Venezuelan Andes, in the state of Merida, during a brief pause on the way before reaching the top of the Las Verdes peak, 4,570 meters above sea level, from where you can see three beautiful emerald green lagoons, which is the reason for the name of the peak. This, which is in the photo is not green but gray because it reflects the color of the sky.

This time I was part of the excursion organized by the Centro Excursionista Caracas (Caracas Excursionist Center) during which we had Francisca Pena as captain and Yraly Camargo as guide, who has climbed peaks from all continents. With the leadership of this two women, and a mayority of female walkers, we were able to reach three peaks, the Piedras Blancas (White Stones), also known as Misamán, its aboriginal name, which with its 4.748 meters above sea level is the fifth highest peak in Venezuela, the Las Verdes (The Greens) peak and the Los Duendes (The Elves) peak, all located within the area of the national park.

Thank to @kalemandra by creating and curating #Colorchallenge.
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They are two different stories about the same journey, so they may resemble a little... I know it's your work but... What a nuisance with you, cheetah hehehe

Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.


Thank you, that's great advice... Well, as an inhabitant of a country in crisis like Venezuela, with a shortage of many necessary products, I know what you're talking about... And, of course, what makes me perfectly happy is... coffee... That's how I try to buy good coffee every time I can hehehehe

Ha!.... you colored up the mountains.


Oh, well... Mountains are gray... and gray is a color... Isn't it? hehehe ☺

Beautiful much joy emanating from them.


Yes, dear @lyndsaybowes... They are wonderful mates to trekking... They are cheerful and joking, they are caring, resistant to the march and can carry a lot of weight on their backs, without losing the glamour hehe ... And so are you and the majority of women in Venezuela and around the world ♥♥♥