Today I will bring you to nature, so that you would breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Hello kittens! Today I will bring you to nature, so that you would breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Beautiful landscapes of nature fill the soul of a man with delight, only this beauty really fascinates. Human interest in nature is unlimited; how many secrets and secrets carry forests, seas. We still do not know much about nature.

Nature is beautiful and multifaceted.

He surrounds us everywhere, but often we do not notice his beauty, running past, always somewhere in a hurry, plunging into our affairs and worries that seem very important to us.

I believe that the protection of the environment and the maintenance of nature is the task of each of us.

If we all contribute to our real contribution to this, we will be able to preserve the diversity of life on our planet, we will not abandon those species that now, unfortunately, die through the fault of man. To date, there are many organizations involved in the conservation of nature and the rescue of endangered species. But even without being a member of these organizations, everyone can help in preserving nature. In the end, it's not at all difficult to plant a tree or bring rubbish to the urn.

Nature gives man everything that is necessary for his existence.

But often we do not appreciate these gifts, without hesitation, we tear flowers and branches on trees, without giving anything in return. It seems to us that this is a trifle, because the new ones will grow. Turning around, it's hard not to notice - like all the same beautiful nature. We just need to learn to appreciate it!

Between nature and man there is an inextricable link.

Nature provides a person with everything necessary, creating all the conditions for his life. Therefore it is very important to evaluate this and try to live with it in harmony, without disturbing the balance.

In today's world, full of comfort and amenities, saturated with modern technologies, we often forget that we are surrounded by the world of nature. Let it not be wildly, but it will be transformed both by blessings and by the problems of civilization. But all the same - nature, its strength and elements.

Man - a small and fragile creature, its strength is small in comparison with the forces of winds, snowfalls, river flows. For example, in the forest, a person understands that he is a child in a vast forest, a mass of plants, insects and animals that live their active life.

We often feel like the kings of nature, but we must face the need to spend the night in the forest, for example, as we understand, we are just her little children.

No wonder they say that nature is our mother. It gives us everything necessary for life, although we can not always appreciate her gifts. What could be better than a warm sun, majestic mountains, playful sea, flowering trees in the spring? What are hundreds of thousands of species of animals that we have never seen in our lives! And most importantly, a person does not just use what nature gives him, but he himself is an integral part of it.

To enjoy the beauty of nature, you do not need to go far enough to go to a park or forest. Nature is especially beautiful in autumn, when you want to sit on benches and absorb all your beauty, enjoy it. That's when you feel how your soul is filled with new colors, how it is saturated with the beauty of the surrounding world. In these moments, you realize how closely people are connected with nature.

Good mood to you all! Breathe in the fresh air!

🌸🌸🌸Thank you for trusting me and supporting my work!🌸🌸🌸

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