Real Life Captured #175: Odessa Ukraine! Part Eight (10 photos with Travel Pro Captions!)

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Hey there my Steemit friends! In this "Real Life Captured Series" I do my best to bring you exactly that; the real life captured from destinations all around the world! After Twelve years of travel experience my favorite thing to do is walk around! That's right, I simply like to go to foreign countries and walk around. I observe and photograph the people, food, culture, way of everyday life and bring it to you in this "Real Life Captured Series".

Odessa! Surely the highlight destination of my time spent in Ukraine. From the perspective of a long term budget travel, Odessa offers the best quality of life for the least amount of money in all of Ukraine.

The food is great, the nightlife is excellent, the beaches are beautiful, the history is rich, the people are nice, and the weather is the best in the country. It's safe, it's cozy, it's easy to get around, there is a huge market to explore, and your money goes far!

No wonder people flock to this small city on the Black Sea from all over this part of the world. Being a veteran backpacker it's obvious that this has driven the airbnb accommodation market into extreme competition, driving down the prices, and allowing incredible deals to be had.

For all these reasons and more Odessa is the place to be when visiting Ukraine and I've set up shop here for over a month. So this real life captured series is extensive and if you follow it closely you too may feel like you've already been here. Now come along and let's check out the Real Life Captured in Odessa Ukraine!

Hey, it's not Halloween, or is it?

It's the tourist mobile!

A nice building in the downtown area.

Good luck finding a shiny new bus in this town. But at least it's not the old US school buses they use in Nicaragua.

Looks like a cool place to get your hair cut.

They are setting up a maze for kiddies!

Ukrainian food at the most popular cafeteria style restaurant in the country, Puzata Hata!

It's controlled with his knees!

Now that is a big side walk!

This inside a little mall like place. Incredible design all around.

With over 12 years of travel experience I answer travel and international lifestyle questions. Leave a question in the comments and I may make a Steemit post just for you!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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The mall like place is beautiful.

Very nice photos, the labyrinth is very funny and the hairdresser very flirtatious and fresh.


Haha. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day!

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I guess during the summer season it should be full of tourists from anywhere in Ukraine and somewhere overseas.


Summer is the time to visit Europe. The rest of the year it's too cold!

After Twelve years of travel experience my favorite thing to do is walk around! That's right, I simply like to go to foreign countries and walk around. <<< My favorite thing, too!!!

Seriously the best things happen just from walking around aimlessly lol.

I honestly thought based on the first pic, this was going to be Mexico


Haha. Walking around is the best. Good to see you stopping by my blog. Hopefully we get to meet up later today, and walk around here in Bangkok!