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RE: A New Adventure Ahead

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Looks like I checked in on your blog at the right time Ruth! But then again, anytime is the right time to check in on your blog. Yes NYC is an intense place. Reminds me in many ways of where I am now, Buenos Aires Argentina. This city I'm really falling in love with fast. It's like a toned down NYC. Which for me is just right. The food here is incredible and affordable too, as well as rent. In fact I'm liking it here so much I'm really marking it down on a must return for a month destination.

So happy to see that you are getting squared away in your new place in Connecticut. Looks charming and I'm sure the town is as well. I think you guys will be very happy there. Moving can be a chore, but I think you both know it's for the best. Have a great day! -Dan


Great to know about Buenos Aires! Good food, affordable living, toned down intensity are all a very good thing and I imagine the climate is much better as well.

Btw, the place in CT looks huge in the photo and really isn't and we will have half of it for studio and home. In any case, yes the chore of moving is daunting but oh well it's par for the course isn't it! I'm hoping to keep blogging through it if at all possible.

I believe you are headed to the US very soon, must run over to your blog and see what's what....have a great day as well Dan and thanks for keeping in touch!

Good to hear you well. Yes, I'll be in Florida in a week! Then up to Albany area not too long after! Best of luck with the move.

Have fun!! And I look forward to reading and seeing Buenos Aires in your blog too....