My first trip to Venice, Italy: part 4

in travel •  7 months ago

In one of my days staying in Venice, I saw an impressive size ferry.


Strolling along the promenade, I saw an unusual monument to the rhino, which glittered brightly in the sun.


In Venice a huge number of different souvenirs that often attract the attention of passersby tourists. Just take a look at these hilarious paintings :)


And how could I fail not to mention the famous Venetian masks, which is the city's most recognizable souvenir.


Walking around the city you can see such a cute neatly put coffee makers :)


Another souvenirs caught my eye, the different designed chess, I like playing chess so I was interested in these collections.


In the main square of Venice, often plays classical music groups, attracting tourists to local cafes.

The night in Venice is also extremely mesmerizing.


The end of part 4.

Photos: Iphone 7

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I like Venice very much ... it's like from times past ... as if the future had stopped ... in some places 🤩 Thanks for the brilliant photos and videos! Have a nice sunday 👋


thank you too) nice comment)


You're welcome 🤗 Have a nice day

A lot of great beautiful posts. Thanks so much for a great post.


thanks you too for comment)

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That rhino sculpture is amazing. I’d have loved to see more angles of it. Nice photo essay.

I've only been to Venice once, I'd love to go back again- so much character there


thanks friend)

Venice that was astonishing place
and the are portrayal so heart touching


yes, i'm so fascinated with this place)

One of my favourite cities, if money allowed I would go every year. Good range of oddity pictures, did you come across an all wood carved motorbike. It has been there for several years. Amazing detail. It is in one of the side streets to the West of San Marco Square.


no did not see this motorbike, thanks for the comment)

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Nice pic. Awasome. Beautiful.......

J’ador Venice, have been there many times!:) Your photos are perfectly convey the mood and all those places where I've been too. Thanks.