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RE: 4 Nights at the Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway Hotel!

in #travel6 years ago (edited)

Hey, found your post on @happydolphin's post. You got such a nice long post here (lots of photos). I've never been to Koh Chang but heard it's beautiful. The Mercure looks pretty fancy to me.

The witness part. I've seen quite a bit all around but never understood. I'd probably have to learn some more.

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Thank you very much for commenting. Koh Chang is a place to go, there are many types of accomodation and the beaches are great.

Concerning the witness, they are people with servers who run the Steem blockchain. Each user can give 30 votes, and witnesses have a say in the evolution of the blockchain. That's important to vote for witnesses who are doing a good job.

Oh right on. I will have a look at that. Thanks :)

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