European village in Java

in #travel2 years ago

a journey that took me to explore the vastness of the archipelago with some of my closest relatives to adventure to the island of Java, with the beauty and charm offered by the island made me want to explore more broadly.

one of the tourist attractions that I have visited is located in the location of East Java, which is in the village of Europe, various beauties will be typical of the countries in Europe offered here, interesting isn't it? so the point is we don't need to go around Europe with this European village we can see some buildings and ornaments, one of which is the eifel tower right behind me.



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Wow.@wahyurahadiann. This place is like a mirror of Europe. It feels like you are in Europe already.

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Bereh that lage... travel sabe Sago nyan..

It feels great to travel outside, the thing is actually very beautiful.