Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Zagorje' (Part #176)

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Let's leave armies, wars and men killing each other aside for a moment and take a look at the ladies of the time. Here is Countess Erdody with her dark dress matching her piano. She could play the music and was probably very well educated for the times she lived in. Not sure if that can even compare to today's possibilities of education.

The noble ladies lived surrounded by items of great value and were fully provided for. A countess wouldn't have to lift a finger for anything unless she wanted to. Not even then because work was not considered noble.

So, the outstandingly rich, but actually quite poor, noble women spent most of their time in mansions and small castles surrounded by servants whose only purpose was to tend to the ladies' needs and do the chores while the peasant subjugates did all other work in order to keep nobles in power. "Such is God's will", was the often repeated mantra which helped hypocrites of the time achieve their goals.

Imagine yourself surrounded by objects of great value in a stone mansion with nothing of interest for miles and miles away. All you could really look forward to was going for a visit to someone in the same position as you or you could host a visit. How boring must have been the time in-between, I wonder.

I also wonder if all the luxuries and high status could replace real life which they sorely missed. Nutruring virtues stretches only so far while men were busy butchering other men on some distant foreign field in the name of Emperor, God and the country. A thing to think about...

Enjoy your day and be thankful those days are gone...

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It is interesting the notion, the more you have, the less you do and also that this was what women of the time strive for. With the inequalities that we still face between sexes in the 21st century I wonder if we will ever be able to find a balance that appeases everyone. Some women want nothing more than to be a caregiver, rear and raise children and be a house maker, while others want nothing to do with it. The same thing can be said about males, just usually in the opposite proportion. The strict definitions of masculinity and femininity that have taken hold in our minds need to be more flexible and fluid if we really want there to be equality.

Sorry for going off on a tangent haha

No, excuses at all, my friend. I think you made a very good point here. Thank you. I can only add that freedom of choice and prosperity for people putting in a lot of effort are bases for the human race to develop and evolve! Thank you for following my blog daily!

Thankful those days are gone...I still think work isn't noble though hehe ;0)

hahahahaha :) how about work for yourself? :)

Hehe, well that would be a virtue ;0D

True that! :)

an excellent project, you share your impressions with us, it's very cool. It's nice to take your mind off everyday fuss and read a similar post. I think many will agree with me ..

This has a somewhat macabre yet sophisticated feel to it.

Yeah these ladies were the soft and decent part of facade that noble lords had created... Hell of a shift from weapons and battle ground to ladies and music, @velimir

Just came over your content and I have to say, that is really good. Will follow you and looking forward to your next ones. We wish you a nice day. Greetings from Phuket

Those ladies really had a boring time time when Thier men were away butchering others.
It's good that we have enough entertainment in the modern world😊

You highlighted the flaw in human psyche that makes us hypocrites perfectly @velimir,

I look forward to more of your motorcycle travelling posts :)

It's some nice looking pictures, but I don't think I could ever be noble. At least not after experiencing the non-noble side of life.

upgrade the travel experience I hope we can do Camper Van in the future.. I love road trips.. anyway nice post..

amezing i love travel and photography..

Amazing post .👏
I am new at steemit.i liked your post.

These photos are amazing!

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Hey Nikhil, it doesn't work that way.
The only way of getting more followers is creating and posting good content.
So if your poems and photographs are really good , you eventually get noticed and get a lot of followers.😊

Wonderful photography.

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Very boring if you live in one place without contact with the outside world. very isolated. it will make us stress.thanks for [email protected]

I just love this old stories...good job!

Amazing travel and I am thankful for days which have gone

wow ....
very amazing photography

Great benefit from writing

travel memories with good photographs are investments for life

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Nice photography

Wow It gets interesting with your by the minute

great photography!

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Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! To join the ResteemSupport network and be entered into the lottery please upvote this post and see the following rules.

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Nice post

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