Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Zagorje 39' (Part #149)

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I come to the yard to speak a bit with elderly Mr Rimac. I ask him about his art.

-'Oh, I don't think its art,' he answers calmly.
-'What do you mean it's not art,' I ask dumbfounded?
-'Well, this is what I do when I take my time to cool off from things,' he says.
I've heard many reasons for creating art but this one is quite unique. I am about to ask more but he continues his explanation.
-'When things don't go the way I'd like them to, I seclude myself and work for hours on end. This is how I find my peace, my calm.'
I'm just about to comment when his son comes out of the house.
-'There's one more thing to see,' he says.
-'Oh, really?'
-'Yes, come inside.'

We enter the other part of the house. Kitchen and living room area. There I find a stone fireplace made to look like a castle. Wow.

Mind you this thing is way taller than me and I'm not a small guy. :)

Take a look at all those details and heaps of small stones he carefully laid in there. The entrance.

The balcony.

The tower detail.

The top of the main tower with stone-covered chimney.

The Beautiful metal door he made, as well.

And the inside. Yes, it is fully operational.

Mr Rimac is a unique artist driven by his strong inner passion. He works well with stone, wood and metal, creating art that is used in everyday life. He calls himself craftsman but he definitely deserves the artist title!

Enjoy your day! :)

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thanks for Motorcycle travel series.

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Another nice, exploration...on motorcycle....its not about nature anymore.

Sometimes is about nature, sometimes about art, sometimes about the ride, sometimes about places I visit or happen to stumble upon. :) i don't like to keep this the same all the time!
cheers, my friend!

Sometimes about sex? No? (it's a joke, stupid joke)

Freedom is good words to describe it and I just join the adsactly ...

Great pictures there and beautiful concept. Mr Rimac is really good with stones. Kudos to him.

Great post! Keep smiling & writing looking forward to your next post

Great pictures there and beautiful concept. Mr Rimac is really good with stones. Kudos to him.


Your travel post always good and beautifull picture @velimir

Great post! That's the masterpiece of fireplaces, a true handcrafted art

im the part of motercycle series i like it very much upvote me pls

Hi Velimir, I'm also from Croatia and I'm trying to promote our beautiful country. Please check my profile and tell me what you think . All my work is original, and photos are taken with my Nikon camera :D

i like to drive motor-cycle... response me please also

Because of you!! LOL I appreciate can't wait to read the new post...

wow great news, Motorcycle travel is really awesome, i upvote you bro

nice my friend pliss vote and follow me

wow so great post and so amazing rating on steemit so impressive @velimir

I am also a travelers but not bike. thanks for this post.

🔥Wonderful 💔and ⚡very💧 interesting💲 photography also post✍
I ⚡resteemed and 💯% upvoted 🌊your post

Thank you for your post,, a good read keep it up

Best moter cycle logo best post

thank for sharing your travaling post

I love traveling so much.

keep it up bro :)

Very beautiful photos Velimir :)

Excellent! Upvoted.
I'm trying to do something in the art category also. Please check out my blog and if you like, upvote it :) Thank you!

This one took some patience to do. Way more patience than I have. The detail is wonderful.

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Very cool