Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Rickshaw Master' (Part #282)

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'Riksha Master'


Walking through the tourist area on a spring day leads me to the signpost with directions to the places of interest. Looks quite confusing but the bottom line is that everything is either left or right. I like when things are simplified. :D

This is a cake house from the fairytale about two kids lured to the witches house. When you think about it the fairytales are really crewel stories. But, if you read the originals, you will see that what we read to kids today is totally softened from it used to be in the past. I was quite surprised to learn that fact.

This is some obscure clothes shop whose business is to import goods from who knows where. Pumping the prices sky high and profiting from everyone foolish enough to enter here would be the M.O. A sure sign of something dodgy going on is when staff runs out to off you if you try to take a picture of the shop window.

Who says we got no rickshaws in Croatia? This fellow went to China and India, spent half of his life there, learning the fine craft of rickshaw driving and then returned to share his knowledge, expertise and skill with the blunt uninitiated. Ever since he returned the rickshaw business started flourishing and rivers of happy tourists cannot wait to use his services. Well, not today...

Leave your bicycle at home and join in the rickshaw fun. :D

Enjoy your day!

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Those 'fairy tales' really were nasty. The miscreant children were always mutilated or imprisoned... And those were in the happy ending ones. I'd never seen a wolf but I darn sure feared them when I was a kid...

"Self Service Food 5m" ? In English? I really hope my fellow English Speakers aren't that stupid, generally. Is it for the visually impaired?

I'll bet the rickshaw guy does just fine. Pretty cool setup actually. I suppose a motorized one would violate the terms of service for the street?

As always, great photos that tell a story. Thank you.

Such pointers are an interesting thing. But of course they do not surprise anyone in our time.
I used to read about "real" tales that the authors wrote. That is about the original stories of the skaz. Yes, it really differs from what is shown to modern children. Even the same Santa Claus is not a very kind character. I think it's for the best that these tales have been censored. In our time there is so much cruelty and violence, and therefore children need to learn good.
I watched the program "Eagle and Tails" and there they went to the Croatian city of Split. They told that in this city they shot the series (the season of the series) "The Game of Thrones" and therefore it became a popular tourist city. As soon as there appeared many tourists - local institutions raised prices several times. I do not know whether it's true or not, but the prices there are really not small. The first impression is that the Croats are really rich people once they have such prices. (If you judge the elementary logic - demand causes a proposal, and if people buy, then they have money for this). But in reality, everything is different. It's just that people use the situation and raise prices for their products.

Добро пожаловать в евросоюз:) (dobrodošli u europsku uniju)

Good day

Dubrovnik is the King's Landing. All of it was shot there. Not sure what was filmed in Split from Game of Thrones. ;)

You're right. I was wrong :) They have 2 issues about Croatia. These are Split and Dubrovnik. It seemed to me that the two cities are similar, so mixed up. As they say here: "мой косяк". I see Velimir watching the Game of Thrones :)

this is a very best travel for you drive to richshaw..really funny man.i enjoy your travelling post.your travelling place always good and special.this place to see very beautifull. rickshaws pulled by human power...i hope that,you enjoy to travel drive richshaw of the nice place.every place pic up all photo very clean and remarkable i appreciate your travelling place... thanks to sharing for your good post..very cool don.... @velimir

I did not know that there are rickshaws in Croatia. I like watching you drive rickshaws :)Traveling by rickshaw is really interesting!!
Another Wonderful Travel Series But now instead of motorcycle travel series will be Rickshaw travel series :D :D

In Halifax, Nova Scotia we had rickshaws but they were pulled by a runner. These guys would run you all over town. They were so fit it was amazing to watch them.

Demasiado bonita la casa de los pasteles. En la próxima entra y no tengas miedo a las brujas.
Todos los caminos conducen a Roma. Aunque hay caminos que nos llevan a mal destino.
En la Boutique como que sacaron las ofertas. jijijjijijijiji
Bueno con el rickshaw.... Podemos hablar con Richie Mehta, director y escritor de AMAL para que ruede una película en Croacia. jajajajajaja
Saludos y buenas fotografías.

This signpost is one of it kind, haha I like it by the way.
Cant wait to visit the cake house too, what the real story of the kids and the witch?
I wish we get the rickshaw in our place to replace tricycle. Nice sharing

haha :) these kinds of interesting things are also in my country.
is often used on a tourist island. I know the rickshaws pulled by human power: D
the bike seems more logical: D
thanks for the beautiful street photos and information

I often see and ride it, all I know about Rickshaw are the powerful vehicles coming from a two-wheeled train pulled by a human. These vehicles are common in Africa (Kenya, Madagascar) and Asia (China, Bangladesh, India, Japan). At present, rickshaws are beginning to be abandoned in many countries for reasons to their workers. Angles are often replaced by the use of tricycles or motor vehicles such as bajaj.

Cool Rikshaw and beautiful too!
Have you seen rickshaws of Pakistan?
Let me show you some pictures of it.
There are almost 3 types of rickshaws available in Pakistan.

Her is a tradional Ricksahw for you.

All the images are taken from google just for informative purpose.

Love your travel posts. Great reads.

Nice one......

Beautiful Photography and beautiful photographer.
I like this your post.

Very nice poting brother,
I have never seen this bycicle before.. It is so funny and creativ

Thank you very much for your post. you have informed us in this regard. I am waiting for your support in the last posting. good luck luck

sightseeing on a rickshaw is so much fun.

I am very happy to see your post and read your trip is very beautiful.

wah really a tremendous inspiration story, today I do not have a story because I am again upset about thinking very little steemit in the vote people, therefore the presence of masters on my blog with comments and votes I really hope. thank you master

Good post, @velimir
I really enjoy his storyline.
I will also always remember what you said in your last words, that we must be true to ourselves and should not take anyone else.

Nice post

Ahahaha I'm surprised to see rickshaws in Croatia, really got me laughing.
Nice one neighbor. :)

I would definitely enter that house, I think the curiosity to explore new things is in my blood

wow,,amazing photography post...i appreciate this travel...
thanks for sharing this every post...

Very beautiful photography.

Photo of the day. Excellent job @velimir. You are not only a photographer indeed you know the philosophy of this Art which is rare. You capture a very common thing and when you explain that common thing make SPECIAL

this will be my new home, haha

This is the first time I've seen road signs like a clothesline, how do people see directions when in a hurry and are in a car, so hard I think I have a question for you whether you are from Russia velimir?

... Everything is either left or right!

Humor like that... Gets you a new follower!