$ 2 million dinner in Singapore

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 If you think the $ 24k gold donut in the US is too expensive, you'll think of a Singaporean restaurant worth $ 2 million ($ 44.6 billion).

Ce La Vi, a rooftop restaurant on Singapore's famous Marina Bay Sands, has teamed up with the World of Diamonds Group to provide this luxurious meal. Guests will be offered 2 carat diamond rings and 10,000 roses, as well as many other interesting experiences.

 Singapore scenery seen from the restaurant.  

 According to  Mashable , this $ 2 million meal is for two, lasting eight hours. The experience begins with a 45-minute helicopter trip to Singapore, and a short luxury yacht cruise around the city, before a Rolls-Royce takes a couple to a restaurant where 10,000 roses and meals are served. 18 items are available. 

 A rare green diamond ring is included in the service package. 

 Menu meals include dishes such as Belon oysters, Almas caviar, wine 44-55 years. Customers will use diamond chopsticks and carved their names. Finally, the pair will be presented a rare 2-carat diamond diamond ring.This meal is a unique experience that few couples can afford. World of Diamonds and Ce La Vi will review the applications and find the lucky couple for this experience. 

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