Honesty behind a nomads life

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So I introduced myself yesterday and got many kind greetings from fellow steemers...thanks again to all of you...and I would like to start with a flashback to when we got rid of our house and decided to live on the road.

We bought a vintage "viscount royal" image

and started a 6 months renovation


We grabbed the opportunity to include this project in our daughters homeschooling

After 6 months and a couple of days she was finally ready

We were tired and worn down....but so happy that our new home was finally done......we had it double checked by a caravan mechanic and started emptying out the house and load up the van.

We slept in the van on the front lawn of our previous house the night we handed in the keys.

Then the morning came and we were all so stoked to finally take off.

Half an hour into our first trip ......


We got stuck behind a truck going 70...and overtaken by a big double rig doing a solid 110...and got sucked right into it......managed to miss the rest of the surrounding traffic...and thank God we all walked away without a scratch.

But then there we were on the side of the freeway on a 40 degree day....next to us our new home.....on it's side.


Such a weird moment when you look at your keyring with no more keys on it.

I will be posting more here about our trip since because we didn't quit.....
But I wanted to start of by showing the honest ugly bits about this way of living before you think that it's all just paradise beaches and rainforests

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I am glad to hear that everyone was okay. What a terrible start to your journey. I am looking forward to hearing how you got back on the road. Thank you for posting an honest picture of what life on the road is like. You are right that not all is rainbows and lollipops...

The ugly bits are part of life. Living on the road is tough, scary, exciting, all sorts of things. It makes you feel strong and invincible. It makes you feel vulnerable. You can't live on the road without others, though and that's what makes it work.

Wow, I can tell already that this we are in store for the retelling of an epic story!

Thanks man...yeah will keep posting follow ups and stuff

Hey welcome to Steemit! Sorry about what happened— she was a beaut. The good thing everyone is safe. I hope you're back on the road again.

Yeah we are....will post a few following stories in the coming days.... thanks yeah she was awesome......

Woah, that was one nice trailer. That must have been pretty scary, can't imagine how that must have been like, to see that happen to your home, really glad you all got out unhurt. resteemed

Yeah man she was something else....thanks..

I am so glad you survived

That was the biggest miracle...not only did we survive...we walked away without a scratch

What shitty luck! Man. Great forbearance to get up and go again.

Yeah man..... stopping was not an option

Welcome @van-ruben! good luck with your trip and your new life here on steemit. I will be happy to read more stories of yours.

Thanks bruv!

Didn't see that coming. Hope everything worked out ok.

We're still on the road

We are still on the road

Wowsers. That's brutal and heartbreaking. So fantastic you kept going. People often think living here is super fantastic all the time, but that's not the case. Life keeps happening,, and sometimes it's ugly.

You're absolutely right @solarsupermama and I wanted to be honest about it all and not just paint another fairytale

No way! This happened to us!

We just picked up our brand new 30ft trailer, the thing still had the plastic on it.

On the way home I was taking it easy..... Big truck comes flying past and we got sucked in.

I somehow kept the thing on the road but it was totaled!

Scary as hel! But we survived!

Scary shit man....so glad you guys survived it!!!

Good you all got out of that. It looks nasty. Looking forward to your future posts.


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I remember this thing happening as a child ... luckily I was just a bus passenger. The caravan was taken by air pressure and tipped over right in front of the bus as the bus was passing the caravan.

Now, that didn't make completely sense, why would it happen in front of the bus if it was the bus overtaking the caravan? I was a small child, it's like 35 years ago, and the details aren't that clear anymore. Perhaps the bus driver applied the breaks as soon as he saw something was not going very well. Or, more likely, it wasn't the bus but some other vehicle overtaking the caravan causing it to flip over.