🖤 My solo-adventure in Portugal - Part 1: Norway-Algarve-Lisbon!

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Last summer was as amazing as this one- I went on an adventure to one of my favorite countries, Portugal.


My original plan was to travel there alone and do some exploring, but my dear friend Ingrid decided she'd try to join. Unfortunately, she didn't make it in time for her flight, so I had to continue the adventure on my own. I decided I'd go to a festival, and do some solo-exploring!

Traveling alone might be scary at first, but I can assure you that it is such an enriching and beautiful experience that will make you so brave and happy.

Day 1: Traveling from Oslo, Norway to Algarve in Portugal!

The flight was very pleasant. I got a little creative and did some drawing while enjoying the thought of the warm weather and sun that was awaiting me. The airport in Algarve is located in a lush, natural area and inside they had a really cool exhibition with sand sculpture art. It was a great way to start off my journey, and I made it in time to watch the sunset!

I took a local taxi to a small city called Faro that is on the south coast of Portugal. My mission was to find a place to spend the night before finding out how I would travel across half the country on my low budget. Sometimes I love to be spontaneous when I travel, and since Google told me that neither of them would be hard, I decided to go with the flow and don't book anything in advance.

After I found a cheap but nice place to stay, I went out to get some dinner and see what Faro had to offer. It was rather disappointing. Faro might be a nice city for some, but after my experience, it is a touristified and fake-ish city that lacks the tradition and happiness that I feel around the rest of Portugal.






Day 2: Traveling from Faro to Lisbon!

I decided to try out a Blabla-car car for the first time. Blabla-car is a long-distance carpooling service that has become very popular in some European countries.
I put out a note saying that I wanted to go from Faro to Lisbon one of the following days, and it did not take long before I found 2 french people around my own age that was traveling the same route.

So the next morning I treated myself with some breakfast and some local hash, before heading to the train station where I would be picked up. This would be my third time visiting Lisbon, so I was very much looking forward to it.
My plan was to stay in Lisbon for a day before heading out to the country-side for the cosmic forest festival.

I had already gotten a ride from Lisbon to the festival after I posted on the festival event asking if someone had an extra seat in their car. The people I got a ride with didn't even want me to pay for gas, so I got from faro to Lisbon and all the way to the festival for about 8 euros. That is basically across half the country.

I decided to split this up in 3 posts, in part 2 and 3 I will show you

  • The festival in the magical nature of Santarem.
  • The travel to Ericeira.
  • Exploring Sintra national park.
  • Lisbon city.


Today I am counting 1 month & 19 days until we leave for Sri Lanka!

Adventure time with my love to listen to psytrance, see amazing villages, coastlines, and jungles. We will of course travel blog about the hidden pearls we find in that exciting country. Consider to follow, upvote, resteem and comment to support our journey. 🌱

If you wanna see more of my adventure, here are some of my earlier travel-related posts:

🖤 Love & light from Emilie/Umulius.🖤

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Quite the travel adventure!

Thanks to @paradigmprospect, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Many thanks to you @thedailysneak & @paradigmprospect. Appreciate it!

And yes it was a beautiful adventure, I am super happy to have experienced it.🙌😊