Travel Diary #1: Ottawa, the capital city of Canada

in travel •  2 years ago

When I thought of places to visit in Canada, the site came to my mind was Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec City, which I will share in a later post. 

I never thought about Ottawa. It was invariably at the back of my list.

I knew it is the capital of Canada, but it never crossed in my source that I would be traveling there. In my recent trip, I was looking for Montreal than anything else. 

But honestly, the city had surprised me. I was taken aback with the natural beauty it has to offer. 

In any event, Ottawa was just outstanding. Walking through downtown or spending time observing nature in parks is worth the time. 

Ottawa Parliament amazed me. You can see in below. 

“No expectations, no disappointments.”

I live by this Buddhist saying. 

If you expect nothing, how can you get disappointed? 

And Ottawa just fit in that notion. It will surprise you. 

I’ll for sure go back and give more time visiting the museums and eating at the mouthwatering restaurants I noticed on every corner. 

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Indeed, canada really desearves a shot. It looks amazing from any point of view! I am happy you chosed otawa, i was there when i was 19 but just for a day and it was an awesome time.


It was an amazing place. I must say that.

Nice to hear, I am living in Ottawa. I am glad that you liked ottawa.

I have posted photos of ottawa

Please flow me @athavan


Hey @athavan!
I'm glad that you have visited this article.
Yes, I liked the place. Even, I was mentioning the same to @thewoolynettle
You guys should follow each other, if not already.
Both of you belongs to same place. same root.
And, here community grows as we all support each other.
I visited your page. You take nice pictures.
I followed you back.
See you around

This is where I grew up and where I will be moving back to with my children in August. Ottawa is an amazing city with loads of green spaces and festivals! I'm so glad that you had an amazing time. Come back to visit again and maybe get to see some of the fantastic winter festivities that happen.


It's an amazing place. I must say.
Glad to meet you. Glad that you are from this place.
I'm sure I will visit the place again.
I see your photography. Keep them captured with your amazing talent.
I'm looking forward seeing more shots from you :)


Thank you! I've also really enjoyed your photography. It's very nice to meet you as well and to know that you've enjoyed my hometown. You really should see it in the winter. Ottawa shines then!

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Hey great shots man!
As an european I've heard only great things especially of the people. I have it ranked top 3 countries to live in
Where are you from? Sorry on phone so can't do much research :p
I also started a travel blog #1 being Rome, check it out if u haven't already


Sure, I will do a visit to your profile. You will see my blessing in your way :P
I live in USA. I visited Canada recently.
Which countries have you ranked top 3 in your list?


Switzerland Canada Australia


Canada is good. My reading on the internet, they say, next few decades will be for Canada.
But, I like Switzerland. I have never been there though.


Have Switzerland in plan for next year. You will fell in love just from photos


Its heaven of earth!

What a beautiful place


Yeah, it is!

Very beautiful clicks.

Beautiful pics! Ottawa is kind of a hidden gem, even among Canadians! I happened to have an overnight stop there once, and I've always wanted to go back and explore some more.


Sure, You should do that once.
I'm sure, You will love it my friend.

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