How to Find the Best Deals on Airfare

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Traveling is very exciting, and taking care of the fine details can make for smooth sailing. We want to share our tips for finding the best deal on a flight so everyone can benefit from our extensive research and experience!


Trip planning can be an enjoyable aspect of travel, especially when you start finding great deals! Here are our tips to find a great deal on a flight:

Search from an incognito window in your browser. This deletes browsing history and web cache. Flight websites access your data to manipulate the prices based on your searches. Incognito windows don't store data, and the prices won't be changed.

Use a comparative flight site like Kayak or Skyscanner to get ballpark figures. You can use them to search +/- 3 days around your departure date as well; if you have some flexibility in your schedule, it's great to see a side by side comparison. It's relatively cheaper to fly on a Tuesday. 

Check early, and check often! The closer you get to your flight date, usually the more expensive the ticket. We've had the best success using dates at least 2 weeks out.

It's definitely worth the effort to research and compare. 

  • Search the major cities to fly out of in your country, and the major cities to fly into in/near your destination. For a flight from the US to Amsterdam, we searched flights out of DFW, Denver, Chicago, LAX, Las Vegas, Houston, Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston, NYC, Newark, and Baltimore. We searched for flights landing in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Oslo, and even Istanbul. 
  • Search round trip and one way flights. 
  • Try piecing together your own itinerary. Find the flights for each leg, and individually search for them. Then head over to the airline's own website to see if it's any cheaper than the comparative site. A dollar might not make much of a difference, but if you have 6 or 8 flights and each carrier's site is actually $5 or $10 less than the comparative site, you can save a significant amount. 

Investigate fees! Some airlines offer super cheap flights, but then charge for everything from a ticket to selecting a seat to even carry-on luggage! US domestic airlines are adopting a fee even for the first checked bag. United, Delta, and American Airlines still offer a free carry on, but now charge for any checked luggage. Consider how much stuff you will actually need in your destination!

We are incredible packers. 

Enjoy the journey! 

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It's amazing how many different ways there are to skin a cat so to speak. Cancellation and change policy has also been a big one for us. I love that we have some specialists on our team to investigate all of that. Great informative post.

Oh yes, Southwest has the best cancellation policy we have found! Can change literally within 10 minutes of your flight with no fees.

An airlines with so many perks and keeps living up to their self-made reputation.


Save that $$$

Nice insight into how the airlines price tickets and the tip related to the best days and times to buy is very helpful. Also the price comparison websites are a great way to make sure that you are getting the best deals. Also a great point on the ticket prices and how done airlines suck you in with low prices but then charge for everything! I am definitely going to try done of the things mentioned on my next trip!

May it help you find sweet deals @bcarolan639!