Machu Picchu (Cusco Region, Peru)

in travel •  8 months ago


Visiting Machu Picchu was certainly a check off the old bucket list. This 15th-century Inca citadel is full of magic, mystery, and deep history for the Incan people. Thanks to American historian Hiram Bingham for his efforts in exploring this region and finding the ancient royal estate which housed approximately 750 people during its peak.

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Def on my bucket list of places to visit! Thanks for sharing! @journeyfreedom


I HIGHLY recommend it! :)

Machu Picchu and the whole MesoAmerican civilization fascinates me. I'm amazed at how they could get the stones there and fit them into place so tightly. And that's only a small part of the mystery surrounding these people.


It's certainly a marvel. We spent the entire day up there wandering around in amazement.

Wow, Brandon! Fun to see you out of techno mode and enjoying these Meso- peaks of Magic and wonder.. I am following, excellent pic


Hah, yep! I look forward to sharing so many more with you guys. :)

Amazing landscape!!!