Sunny Day | Drone Film | Zhiyun Crane Plus test....

in travel •  2 months ago

Hi Steemians,

Would like to share some precious moments from our summer :)
We visit Cheddar Gorge and Mendip Hills and surrounding areas, there we spent all day, enjoy sunshine and nice views.
Took some incredible drone shots and tested my new camera stabiliser Zhiyun Crane Plus. Hope you gone like it and leave some opinion in a comments :)

Track: Broken Back - Happiest Man on Earth

Link to my Youtube channel:

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You do such a good job of capturing the moment in these videos. I'm in love with the beginning. You really get that feeling of being a kid again and exploring the world. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @jocqua for support :)


Absolutely! No problem at all.


Thank you @dronefeed, appreciate ✊

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