Oh, New York City, How I Miss You!!!

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Hello ladies and gents,

Today's one of those days that I wish I was with my friends in New York. It's not like I fancy New York better than Greece. However, there are moments that I really miss places where I've had truly GOOD time with the people I love.

It doesn't only happen with New York but with lots of places I've lived and have loved ones there. Birmingham is the one I miss on a daily basis for obvious reasons as my son lives there (for now only hopefully).

Paris is another one that I miss all the time. After all, there's French blood in my veins...

Pisa, of course....I spent two beautiful years of my life there doing my Erasmus and Masters Deegre later. More importantly, however, I loved a local goddess with a passion in Pisa. Ti amerò sempre bellisima!!!

Marseilles, where my grandma came from and where I've spent many beautiful months of my life....

And Athens of course, which was my base (on and off) for 17 whole years. Ahhhh, how badly I miss the sunny Saturday mornings in Plaka!

However, today I miss my friends Nova and Giada in New York and the AMAZING time we had together this past November. I really wish I was in the "city" right now. To feel all the energy and taste all the delicious goodies Manhattan and Brooklyn have to offer. I will see you soon again New York, I promise!!!!!!
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Impresionante las imagenes



It is true. We all miss the good times and the places associated to them.