Gorgeous Myrtos Beach, Cephalonia

in travel •  2 months ago

Can't write much but the beauties of Cephalonia have truly seduced me!!!


And one without me...

From another corner...

More photos and stories when I have access to a real computer or laptop :)))

Hope you are all well :)))

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Loved the photos and got a chuckle when I read your t-shirt!


Thank you so much. This tee is awesome, isn't it? he he :)))

Γειά σου Θοδωρή με τα ωραία σου !!!
Να περνάς υπέροχα φίλε μου !!!


Γεια σου Γιωργαρε. Περασα πραγματικα ΥΠΕΡΟΧΑ!!!!

Wow! Absolutely mesmerizing. That's paradise, man. I think I had heard of the island in relation to Homer's epic. The weather looks so perfect.
How is it like in winter?


Locals say that in winter it can be boring and depressive (lack of tourism and not so sunny weather) but to me it looks ideal for winter time as well lol


That's what i thought. The less people the better. It's such an amazing place

wow! what a beautiful view... amazing place dude... superb photography..


Thank you so much for the nice words. It is a GORGEOUS place indeed!

Blue being my favourite colour makes these images pleasing to my eyes. Lovely work nature i will say. Weldone.

The place is superb and well-known (at least from photos for me). Have a good holiday! I'll be soon in Thassos, it's not as beautiful but it's the best for me at this moment!


Thassos is very beautiful as well my friend. Have fun there ;)


Thank you very much. I cannot wait!

I looove Cephalonia!! It has the most amazing beaches!! :))


Amazing indeed!!!!! Myrtos, Asos, Fiskardo, Xy, Skala, Makrys Gialos. We also went to Navagio in Zakynthos.

have a wonderful time time there...

Looks aaamazing 🤩

that beach looks awesome! kala na pernas!


Thanks bro. Had an amazing time!!!!