My gap year in Ireland #0 - Introduction

in #travel3 years ago

How are you folks?

I came up with an idea.
As I'm currently on my gap year in Ireland, I thought that I could write a blog about it.

I would like to tell you about everything. From the concept, through arrangements to all the stories and everything that happend to me so far.

I think that its gonna turn out to be really interesting story overall, but most importantly - it will help a lot of you wishing to visit Ireland for a little longer.

I spend a lot of time on research. I didn't have anyone that I cold rely on. I had to earn my own money for the travel. No family and friends in Ireland either.

I'm going to write something that I would love to read myself.

I remember a friend asking me the day before the flight:

"What will you do after you arrive, where will you go?"
My answer was really simple: "I have no idea."

But I'm here, for almost 2 months now. I made it and I want to help you make it too. I didn't have anyone that would tell me that it's a good idea. At least you can hav me :)

Without further bullshit

Another post is going to be a little bit about me and why I decided to fly away from Poland. You can follow me for post notifications I believe.

If you would have any questions, feel free to ask!


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