How to make a PPS number and bank account in Ireland

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I wanted to make a post on how to make a PPS and bank account all in one. I'll try to explain things as clear as I can. It's all based on my own experience.

Please notice it's mostly to people from EU.

I'm going to start with a bank account. Why? Because you can actually make it without a PPS.

There are a couple of options when it comes to choosing a bank. For this tutorial I'm going to introduce you Permanent TSB, for the main reason it's the only bank in Ireland that doesn't require PPS. Beside that, it's overall pretty good bank with good offer... for the Irish standards ofc. :) (which are really poor, just like most of western Europe)

What are you going to need to open the account?

  1. Proof of residence in Ireland
  2. Proof of ID, can be national ID, can be driver licence, can be a passport


  • Proof of residence means some kind of utlity bill (gas, rent, trash, phone, whatever) with your name and address on it.
  • CAN'T BE your landlord's bill + letter from him, just like for PPS is ok.

Now, let's say you just came to Ireland, you rent a room or not, and you have no kind of a bill. There are a few ways to deal with it, depends on your situation. If you know anyone or if you have a family there, you are in the best possible situation, you don't even need to read it as they will help you...

If you live in a hostel (which is really common in Dublin) it might be kind of tricky, but not impossible.

There are basically 2 options:

  • Someone can add you to his bill. Might be car insurance or anything.
  • You can fake the bill, which is really easy. All you need to do is get someone's bill and change the name to yours. Print it and you are ready to go. A lot of people do that. Bank have no right to check if it's really yours. 

If you live in a hostel and you have no family there, you probably need to make some friends and ask for any bill or even make your own complete fake bill. This way you will be technically located in your friend's house.

PPS number

For a little intro: Process of making a PPS changed a lot through the last couple of years. even like 8 years ago the whole process would took you like 30 minutes. You can introduce yourself in English? You live here? House of hotel? ok ok here's your PPS. :)

Unfortunatelly, now it looks different. 


It really depends how lucky you are. In some cases you will get your PPS really fast, with minimal requirements. Sometimes in my take you months, with a lot of struggle.

What do you need to make a PPS:

  1. Proof of residence in Ireland (can be your landlord's bill + official letter from him)
  2. Proof of ID
  3. Actual reason why you need a PPS

Let's focus on 3rd point, as it might be the most confusing. Even the official PPS webside doesn't says you fucking need it.

It's that one thing that they might require, but they might not. Anyways, in most cases you will need it. I needed it and my friends too.

Let's say you want a PPS for work. But you can't just say that. You need an actual official letter from your employer that says you are employed blablabla.

There are a couple of other reasons that you might get. For example medical card, really easy to make.

But the most convenient way is just finding the job and asking for the letter. In worst scenari0 you will get a half of your first salary, not a  big deal.

If your application is successful, you should have your PPS card within a week.