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The Medlar fruit was the dessert fruit of the middle ages; the fruit of Knights,Kings, Queens,Popes and Peasants alike. Fully ripened almost seemingly to soft and rotten on some straw it is actually quite tasty with slightly grainy almost spearlike texture and a pleasant pear butter like taste. It's seeds are quite large though, up to a half an inch across and slightly flattened.
This photo was taken November 8, 2002 of a medlar fruit on one of the two small trees growing in my orchard. Its flower is quite striking; I will bring us a photo of it in an upcoming post.

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To my Steemit explorer friends,

I have probably taken over a million photographs of the natural world since childhood; this is a daily series of some of those I most treasure.

Where They are From

  1. Many are from an organic orchard that I created on the hill above my home. When you are raising trees from saplings you are out in all weather at all hours and see remarkable things.

  2. Some are from my art studio and my efforts there- especially those on behalf of the Tibetan people.

  3. Still others are from my wanderings in the wilderness with compass and map my companions. Many are featured from posts I have created here on Steemit and I will link to those whenever possible if you wish to read more of the how, when and where.

Please upvote if you liked this post, and follow for more journeys through our mysterious and amazing world. And please comment as I greatly value these and will answer any questions you may have (and generally go to look at your posts of course since I consider a group of friends the most valuable possible outcome from efforts on Steemit.

*This photo was taken with the Canon Powershot G6

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Amazing fruit, first tie that I saw it @throughmyeyes
I would wait for the flower.

I will bring it to us sooner or later. It is quite beautiful and unusual. Hint: it belongs to the rose family.

How big is that fruit BTW @throughmyeyes ?
So it belongs to the rose family.
But I know that rise petals can be eaten too.

does it edible?

Yes! :) You have to let it ripen a lot though.


Like, guava, or some kind of pomegranate, but it tastes good, to taste. Have you ever tried a friend?

Hi @amuchtar! Well no it is different from those in taste and eating characteristics. Are you asking if I have tried those other two fruits? I have tried pomegranates many times; they are among my favorite. The guava I think I have but can't remember.

Yes, I mean that. Lol

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I read with pleasureI Thank you for sharing! I voted:)

Likewise! Thank you @djeu.art22! :)

I LOVE Fruit and I am passionate about natural living! I have a HUGE garden and have been growing LOTS of food for a while now. Fruits are my favorite foods but I have not tried this one before!
I am now mostly intrigued now though by your orchard. Do you have a post about your orchard specifically or just all ur posts are kinda about the orchard hahaha
I am going to follow you now, seems like life through your eyes is worth having a look ;-)>

Thanks @quinneaker! I encourage you to have a look through my past posts...Some of the photos of the Mysterious Landscapes series were taken by me in my orchard and the land in which the trees live. Others are taken in my wanderings which could be anywhere really although I am partial to mountains. Still others are taken of the artistic process in my sculpture studio.

Sounds like some beautiful scenes through your eyes ;-)>

Hopefully will have a look through one day! it same as kiwi fruit or its a different one...from outside it just looks like that one...

But anyway its nice snap by your camera...thank you...

Hi @shivohum2015! No it is a different fruit, of the family Roseaceae (to which apples and stone fruit also belong). Kiwi fruit comes from a vine. I have attempted to grow the vines several times without success- I believe constantly changing winter temperatures caused the vines to break dormancy prematurely and die. A few of the male vines survived (kiwis require male and female vines).

Never ever tried this fruit. Haven't even heard of it. If it tastes like pear, I probably won't like it. There's a hole on top, it's kinda weird. Thanks for your upvotes, really appreciate it.

Hi @foovler! Yes it is quite rare now. It was very popular in Europe during the middle ages. You actually take the ripe fruits and set them in straw in a cold room and allow them to get very soft; you can then spoon them from their skin with a spoon. They aren't bad; they could also be compared to applesauce; some say they have hints of cinnamon.
You are welcome!

wow, some fruits are fascinating..

or maybe all ;)