Mysterious Landscapes

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Birch at Crystal Pool.

This was a rest break on the long climb up Gothics mountain- and one I should have taken more often.

Specifically,I failed to drink enough water and nearly collapsed due to the effects of dehydration. Luckily I and my hiking buddy figured it out in time. Ultimately we did not complete the ascent of Gothics having to stop 0.4 miles from the summit.As they say, the mountain will always be there- you can always return another day.

It was a remarkable trip though. The temperatures had dropped to zero degrees Farenheit and the first snow storm of the season had covered the land in white...

(please click on the photo for a larger image)

To my Steemit explorer friends,

I have probably taken over a million photographs of the natural world since childhood; this is a daily series of some of those I most treasure.

Where They are From

  1. Many are from an organic orchard that I created on the hill above my home. When you are raising trees from saplings you are out in all weather at all hours and see remarkable things.
  1. Some are from my art studio and my efforts there- especially those on behalf of the Tibetan people.
  1. Still others are from my wanderings in the wilderness with compass and map my companions. Many are featured from posts I have created here on Steemit and I will link to those whenever possible if you wish to read more of the how, when and where.

Please upvote if you liked this post, and follow for more journeys through our mysterious and amazing world. And please comment as I greatly value these and will answer any questions you may have (and generally go to look at your posts of course since I consider a group of friends the most valuable possible outcome from efforts on Steemit.

*This photo was taken with the Canon EOS 70D, 18-55 mm lens

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After a long gap dear @throughmyeyes, but with a really beautiful pic, is the location is in US ??

Thank you for sharing this pic...steem on and stay beautiful...

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nice to see you again my friend.

where does the mountain located?

Greetings my friend :) It is up in the Adirondacks. It's the one I was looking at from Basin mountain a few weeks ago...but now with snow!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

why hello there :) although what a frozen stream in the Adirondacks has to do with a man preparing coconuts in India I have no idea heheh

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

How are you friends,? I miss your post. 😊😁
Great post

Hello my friend! :) Yes it has been awhile...

What about your new job is it good?

Enjoy the trip. And the weather will be cold. Appears from your picture

nice to meet you, my brother :)

Nice to see again with this beautiful travel blog.

Such a great photo , but as always!

Hi,how have you been.... didn't see you around here.. hopeful everything is fine with you ?