the best way to see the west coast of Canada

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I have been absent from wifi, cell phone reception and basically most of modern day civilization, which I truly believe is something we all need to do from time to time. My work took me on a 68 foot sail boat, Island Roamer, and my job as a guide and crew member was a great learning experience and also prime opportunity to simply stop, breathe and take a moment to really appreciate where I was.

The west coast of Canada is stunning and for the most part remote, untouched and littered with wildlife, such as, bears, eagles, whales, orca, dolphins, seals and seals amongst many more species. Exactly what you are going to encounter is not known, which to me is just apart of the beauty. Wildlife never runs to our time schedule and simply being grateful of being in such a place I believe is the most important thing. Seeing certain species is just a bonus luxury that adds to the journey.

Being on a sail boat with people for 7 days at a time can have its challenges, actually, simply living on a boat has its very own unique challenges that will arise without warning. All apart of the fun. This moment I took this photo was when we were motoring through a narrow channel and my wide angle was able to capture the vessel and both shorelines, as we slowly cruised through watching eagles hunting fish in the shallows.

There is something peaceful and relaxing about motoring or sailing at 8 knots through the Great Bear Rainforest and if it isn't on your bucket list than I can only strongly recommend that you do indeed put it on your list.

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Check out Blue water adventures if you are interested in learning more about exploring the remote regions of the west coast of Canada & Alaska

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The photograpy is wonderful. Congratulations and blessings.
Canada is one of the countries I want to visit. Enjoy your experiences. that is wonderful.

Love this lifestyle. It is so true that we need to disconnect every now and then.

me gustaría conocer Canadá, es encantador

I don't know why, but I have the impression that the water had a very cold temperature 😅

I would love to try that one day! It is actually in my bucket list to travel with boat. Also Canada is a beautiful place i haven't been on yet.