"Vejer de la Frontera" -- Spaintrip Part 10 / Phototagebuch einer Reise durch Südspanien Teil 10

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today I report about our stay in a small village "Vejer de la Frontera" in the heart of andalicia. It was absolutey astonishing, because we weren´t expecting something that beautiful. All the white old houses and the breathtaking landscape. It was just a beautiful stay and an absolute recomendation to all visitors in that region of Spain and take a closer look at the pictures.

diesmal berichte ich euch von unserem halt in einem kleinen andalusischen Dörfchen namens "Vejer de la Frontera". Absolut idyllisch und traumhaft gelegen. dien Landschaft ist atemberaubend. seht am Besten selbst und fahrt dort vorbei, wenn ihr in der Nähe seid.

Vejer de la Frontera 2.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 5.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 4.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 9.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 7.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 11.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 12.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 15.JPG

Vejer de la Frontera 16.JPG



if I remember correctly i was there when i was little :D
Such a nice city! Thanks for sharing :)

Nice city.I liked it very much.You did professional shots.Keep it up stay blessed

thank you for the compliment;-)

Spain is really wonderful! Great pictures!

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I loved the houses and this place that look likes a city frum Turkey which name is "Bodrum"

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