Poll:57 Do you prefer to travel by Air or by Land?

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Almost everyone who has traveled long distances will have most likely flown in an aircraft of some kind or another. There are still those who choose slower methods such as Trains and Boats and that might be very time consuming for most people on a time limited vacation unless the Trip is the vacation.

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Poll:57 Do you prefer to travel by Air or by Land?

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#Poll:57 Do you prefer to travel by Air or by Land?

as the total size of hellgium is only 30.528 km² it doesnt really apply, if you take a plane here you'll be out of the country by the time it lifts off

i only been a plane once actually, last year when i managed to scrap enough to get to venice for a long weekend, otherwise its train, when i went to paris i took the equivalent of a bullet train, that was about €40-50 without all the airport hassle and only took somewhat over two hours
otherwise i havent travelled in years :)

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Mostly I prefer to travel by land @theopinion

Travelling by private train car is the ultimate...if you have an abundance of time and money that is!

I prefer land transport rather than air, though it is time consuming, because I enjoy the journey rather than destination.