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So many people post on the Steem blockchain about their travels, and that has made me think of the little traveling I have done in my life. I was born into a middle-class, working family and my father's single week of vacation each year was spent visiting family when I was a child. We sometimes found other things to do while visiting relatives, such as touring the Marineland aquarium in St. Augustine while visiting my aunt & uncle in Jacksonville. Side trips of that sort were just day-trips; I can vaguely remember only one overnight trip to Pensacola beach when I was very small.

After I became an adult, it took a few years of working to earn enough money to blow on a vacation. Back in the 1970s, employers in the US didn't award much time-off to employees. My first jobs were with local businesses, and I had no time-off at all. I finally landed a job with a Fortune-500 company. My first real vacation as an adult was merely a long-weekend, as I was only given three days-off for the entire year. The next year, I was awarded four days, and after being at the company for a full three years, I was finally awarded five days of vacation time.

Over the next several years, there were always so many expenses as young adults have: purchasing a house, maintaining said house, maintaining automobiles, raising children, that there never was much money for travel. During that time, we only took small trips, to Gatlinburg for the day, or Carowinds, and places like that. After a number of years, we finally were able to vacation at the beach for a few years in a row.

Then came a downturn in the economy and all businesses laid-off workers. During that time, too, employers began changing their business-models and it became increasingly more difficult to find work than it had been previously. Gone, too, were the days where hard-work and dedication would ensure one had a job. Vacations became a luxury that few people could afford, aside from a long-weekend at the beach or such.

So, I haven't done much traveling in my life. I decided to map my travels to see how much of the country they covered. This first map shows in green the places that I have been while traveling on a personal level, or while I was on a school-related trip while I was in college.


I had four jobs in my life where occasional travel was required, and I was able to see parts of the country that I had not seen. I was flown to Los Angeles on business twice, once to San Francisco, once to New Orleans (although I had traveled there twice on collegiate business), and three times to Boston. So, all of those awesome trips took me to far-away places without seeing the countryside except from the aircraft window. I was also flown to Chicago once for a business meeting, but was whisked via company van from the airport to the meeting in a suburb, put-up in a hotel overnight, then whisked back to the airport the next morning; that hardly constitues "visiting" the area.

The other jobs where travel was required involved driving. Much of that travel was over areas where I had already been for personal reasons, although a few new areas were involved. This second map, built off the first, adds purple markings that shows additional trips that were travel-related.


Also, I have never had the opportunity to travel outside the country, so my feet have always been on US soil (or in the air above it... LOL!). So, there are the extents of my travels. Not as much as some people, but I have seen some cool things in the few places I've been.

There are a few more places I'd like to see in the US — the Four Corners region, for one (around the area where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona converge). I'd also like to visit the Mojave Desert in Nevada, Portland (Oregon), and maybe Seattle. The Badlands region of South Dakota sounds fascinating. I'd also like to have a proper visit to Nashville, as the only times I've been there was on brief errands with only time to do what I came to do, have a meal, and then leave. I'd also love to visit Memphis some day, as I love Blues and Jazz music. Other places I'd like to visit were mentioned in my Bucket List Challenge post.

Some places in the United States (and the world at large, too) are not safe to visit, sadly, because of today's political climate, and especially by a woman traveling alone. So, careful plans will need to be made if the opportunity and money should present themselves for travel to be possible. Keeping fingers crossed! 🤞


Back in 2006, I found a site on the Internet called MapLoco which allows people to quickly and easily create maps of areas they have visited. They have maps of the USA, Canada, Europe, and the whole world. One only has to click on the name of a state, province, or country to color that area on the map.

In my case, the map is a little misleading — for instance, I have only been to Cincinnati in Ohio, which is one teeny little corner of that state, yet the whole of Ohio is colored-in. But still... it's pretty cool to do this. Here is my MapLoco:


Why not go to MapLoco now and make your own map, then post it here and tell us something about your travels! It's fun to share!

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a big hug is due to @enginewitty for designing the following personal banner for me 🤗





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I wish I could travel more... life is to fill it with experiences and views... and it's one my life goals, maybe even to get a van and do that with European countries... A map chart... sounds super fun! :) hope you cover it all soon.

This is a nice idea to map your travels.
It seems you are not alone in your travels as many Americans do not own a passport.
I travelled across the USA from New York to L.A. by Greyhound bus in 1979 and I still have the map!
That was a trip and a half. It took me 6 weeks :-)

I never really thought about all the states I have visited or traveled through. I may have to do my own map!

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You know I think I like your original map the best.
Great idea. I think we are the same age. Not sure if it was you, forgive my lack of being sure.

This is a post I can relate to with the map..I may do this. Resteeming

I'll try to do the Maploco .

But you bring up something interesting. My wife's Aunt Estelle who is 68 and a wonderful person. Well just earlier in the week my wife told me she has NEVER been outside the state of Texas. Which blew me away.

She is so well spoken and knowledgeable about things and to think she will be hitting 70 pretty soon and never been outside Texas. Really just incredible to me at least.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your post and experiences. Very interesting @thekittygirl. Sounds like when you were younger you and your Family were busy working so much...which is very understandable and nothing at all wrong with that

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The service availed me of the ability to see a great deal of the world.

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

After leaving the service I wondered around the country a bit.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Ohhh gosh you have completelly RULED one region of US. 😉 with all your travelling. And you never been to central region ...pretty surprised😯

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this is super cool and sorry for not much traveling. when you make it to the four corners we will have to meet up for sure!! be ready for the heat!! 😬

Create Your Own Visited States Map

You need to pin, BC, Canada, next 😉

Hey there! Thank you for sharing your experience. You reminded me of St. Augustine and I vaguely remember living there for a brief time as a little girl. Travel is life enhancing! I’m headed to India today and I can tell you that traveling alone is not nearly as bad as you hear. Just staying aware of surroundings and being smart about situations is enough. Whatever it takes you to get out and travel more, I suggest you do it, your spirit will thank you! ❤️🤗

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