Travel #20 | Lencois Maranhenses, The Amazing Place Of Filming "Avengers : Infinity War"

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Thanos went to various places to find infinity stone. One of them is a planet that has a unique landscape, like this desert.

In the movie "Avengers : Infinity War", Thanos goes to some planets to find infinity stone. There is one planet like the Desert but there is a lot of water that forms a puddle.

Many say, it's just Editing, The fact that this amazing panorama really exists in the real world. This is Lencois Maranhenses.

Lencois Maranhenses is a national park in Brazil. The landscape is a desert with a lagoon like a pond, its size is wide and small.

Probably just Lencois Maranhenses, the world's desert with a lagoon. Tourists who come can also swim.

Lencois Maranhenses has been formed thousands of years ago, derived from sand deposits under the river and carried by the wind to form a vast desert. Lencois Maranhenses is located in Maranhao, northeast of Brazil.

The lagoon at Lencois Maranhenses is available only during the rainy season. Precisely during the months of July-September, that's the peak of the rainy season and rainwater that settles to form a very beautiful lagoon.
If it is summer, the beauty of Lencois Maranhenses does not fade. Please explore the unique white sandy desert.

Panoramas like Lencois Maranhenses are seen in the movies "Avengers : Infinity War", as Thanos searched for one of "The Infinity Stones". If you have not watched, do not miss the action in the cinemas in your city.