Travel #18 | Amazing Austrian Traveller, Welcome To Indonesia

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Mercedes-Benz 911 made in 1977 was transformed into a house. Leander, Maria and her only child, Lennox has traveled from Austria for a year and a half using this old truck. How does a truck turn into a comfortable home vehicle?

Leander, owner of this truck home admitted, before making a long journey, he made his own vehicle. Leander took two years to make the cabin behind the wheel of the truck.

"I built my own cabin for our little family, from the bed, the toilet, the kitchen, and all the fixtures we make, like a cozy little house".

He built the cabin with an iron frame material and an aluminum cover. Not only that, the cabin is also equipped with solar cells and wood-fired warmers.

Monitoring detikcom in the cabin behind the 44-year old truck, in the room measuring 12 square meters there are two beds, a kitchen, a toilet and a small dining room. Ornaments in it are also wrapped in wood.

"We make it as comfortable as possible, not luxurious, but beautiful"

As for the machine, said Leander, very excellent. Although old, Mercedes-Benz 911 truck carrying 5,600 cc diesel engine with a power of 130 hp. Not only that, this old truck also uses a 4 wheel drive drive.

"This car is strong, though slow but strong for hills and all terrain,".

This car is quite large when compared with regular cars in Indonesia. Due to the width of 3.4 meters and a length of about 8 meters, it should be included in the category of medium trucks in Indonesia. At the mine again with a vehicle height of about 3 meters, making this vehicle look big and dashing.

Visiting Indonesia

Three traveler from Austria is really desperate. For 1.5 years, one family is traveling around the world in a truck that is modified into a caravan. They stopped by in Indonesia.

"Indonesia is the 23rd country that I visit, one year and a half from Austria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Khazakstan, Uzbekistan to Russia and Korea We continue down to Borneo to Indonesia," Leander said to detikTravel, parked in Taman Blambangan, Banyuwangi, Indonesia.

Leander named their team as Akela which means brave or also meaningful leader wolf. This Akela script is installed in their caravan truck with a wolf logo.

Akela Is Their Name As An Adventurous Team.

Leander claimed to have prepared this long journey. If tourists usually travel by using hotels and aircraft, but he claimed more cool to travel the world and travel using the old caravan truck.

"I'm getting closer to the regions we visit, knowing their culture, customs and everyday traditions is fantastic".

He admitted every country visited, the longest about 1 month. But in Indonesia, he had to spend 4 months to visit some areas. Because Indonesia, according to many islands and a good location to visit.

"Depending on the visa, usually only one month in one country Indonesia takes 4 months".

For this first trip, they will finish in New Zealand. Currently he claims to be traveling to Bali, Lombok, Flores, Timor and then cross to Australia and finish to New Zealand.

"Next to the Americas, Africa and back to Austria".

Welcome To Indonesia, Akela Teams !!!!