90,000 acres are burning🔥🔥 , who cares if there is a wild fire, 🤠 let's go to the FAIR 😃 😃 😃

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2011 Las Conchas Fire near Los Alamos, New Mexico. USA.

Here are some photos I took of FAIR while a Wild Fire was blazing in the background.

This Fire took place in 2011.

Smoke FIlls the Sky


Smoke makes it difficult to breathe.s


This Fair Rocks regradless that a Fire is taking place.


Sun Set Fire


Smoke Fills the Air.


My favorite ride called the Zipper


Love this Ride


Does anyone care about the smoke in the background?


Too FUN fire or not.


Photos by @tastetwist

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YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB!! 💣💥 thx for stopping by!


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Looks like you had too much fun there

Nice to be your friend here at Steemit.I already upvoted you to see all of your future blogs!
I wish you more followers and friends!Don't forget to follow and upvote me too @laique so that we can be friend forever :D


💣💥 sweet thanks :)

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