Why Study Abroad?

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Why study abroad even though it often means greater expense and more difficulties? Nowadays more and more students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. The very simple answer to the question above is that those who study abroad obtain a lot of benefits from their foreign study experiences. According to the researches on this topic, we have learnt that there are two main causes making studying abroad so attractive to most students.
One is to expand worldview. Those who choose to study abroad will have the opportunity to get to know other cultures. Normally, cultural differences are more than just differences in languages, foods and habits. People may not easily understand other cultures by just reading books or watching TV shows. However, only if they have been to a foreign country for a longer period of time, they can surely understand culture of that country. Besides knowing about foreign cultures, study abroad offers students the opportunity to make friends around the world. While studying abroad, students will meet not only native people, but also other international students who are as far from home as them. Generally, making friends is one factor that attracts students from different places. Many people decide to study abroad because they prefer to have new friends so that they can exchange many experiences together. They can learn more information that they have never known before. In addition to learning cultures and making friends, language is another essential output they obtain. Undergraduates who study abroad can learn other languages besides their mother tongue and develop their language skills. It is obvious that knowing many languages is a priority for students. For example, whenever a person knows many languages, especially English, he or she will find there are fewer obstacles to major in any fields because he or she can read, write and understand the language required in those fields.
After the worldview has been accomplished, ones will then find out something unusual about themselves; it is the improvement of their standard of living and quality of life. Firstly, studying abroad will help them develop skills and experiences, which a classroom setting in their own country will never be able to provide. It is totally true that adapting to a new culture in a foreign country is really scary at first, but it is absolutely fascinating when they are getting used to it. Also, it is considered as a rare opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, to conquer new challenges, and to solve new problems. To illustrate, most students usually choose to study in a developed country where they find the new cultures hard to be accustomed and always have to be in a competition with classmates who mostly have high education. In this case, the advantages of competition far outweigh the disadvantages since they will get better upshots by trying to challenge other intelligent students. Secondly, it is trusted that studying abroad enhances their job opportunities. Their life period of living and studying in a foreign country, of absorbing another culture, and of acquiring another language successfully will grant them high priority of job vacancy. As a result, they will be widely appreciated and are able to achieve a better standard of living. Last but not least, in addition to job opportunities, students studying abroad can also clearly learn about themselves. Usually, they return home with new ideals and perspectives about themselves and their own cultures. Becoming efficient, ones are likely to have a will to develop their own country. All in all, Students would like to study abroad due to the fact that they have an ambition to enable themselves to receive the better standard of living and quality of live.
To sum up, the foreign study experience provides students with two significant advantages, namely enlarging their view of the world and improving their living standard and quality of life, which will assure a splendid future in their lives and careers. However, from my point of view, I perceive that studying abroad is an outstanding choice if and only if the students, themselves, work hard and have strong commitment to studying. Otherwise, they will just get nothing and waste so much money. Therefore, ones should make a clear goal and be committed before deciding to study abroad.

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