Safari World, the world of happiness, especially for animal lovers Part II

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Safari World3.jpg

As advised by my previous post, apart from driving your car in the Safari Park where you can see various kinds of amazing rare wildlife, Safari World also offers you another section, called "Marine Park" where you can walk around to admire other cute animals, birds, and marine lives, etc.

Furthermore, there are several interesting shows such as the show of marine life, elephant show, Orang Utan show, together with "Western Cowboy Stunt Show" and "Spy War Show" which are very exciting, etc.

The highlight of the shows is "dolphin" show. I think dolphins are ones of the most cutest and cleverest animals in the world. Yeah! They are one of my favorites as well.

In the show, you will see that those dolphins can do so many incredible and amazing things. Whenever I visited Safari World, I never missed their show, I enjoyed seeing them very much.

Safari World7.jpg

Safari World10.jpg

Safari World11.jpg

Safari World19.jpg

Safari World18.jpg

Other marine life!

Safari World33.jpg

Safari World32.jpg

Safari World28.jpg

Safari World29.jpg

Safari World24.jpg

Safari World22.jpg

Safari World14.jpg

Safari World13.jpg

Apart from plenty of birds in the Safari Park that you already saw in my previous post, there are also a lot of birds in Marine Park that you can take photos of them closely.

The below photos are the "Great White Pelican". They are the largest Pelican in the world. In my opinion, they are very beautiful, especially when they are gathering together like these.

Ah! Plenty of WHITE birds all over the area;

"Great White Pelican"

Safari World23.jpg

Safari World4.jpg

Safari World25.jpg

Safari World26.jpg

Safari World27.jpg


Safari World30.jpg

Safari World31.jpg

Safari World.jpg

Safari World1.jpg

Safari World5.jpg

If you love to feed parrots, you can do it at Marine Park. It's much fun to see them standing on your palm, right?

Safari World21.jpg

Safari World12.jpg

Safari World17.jpg

Safari World8.jpg

Safari World20.jpg

Safari World2.jpg

Safari World9.jpg

Other animals!

Safari World6.jpg

Safari World15.jpg

Safari World16.jpg

Photos in my two post are just only small samples. There are many more animals and shows in Safari World; Safari Park and Marine Park, that are waiting for you to experience by yourselves. ;)

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Wow that Zoo looks so fantastic! A nice experience you could get there!


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Thanks so much, @theguruasia! I'm glad to hear that you like the zoo. It's so fantastic indeed. ;)

Dolphins are my favorite too. When I took my kids on vacation when they were young, we went to a dolphin show and they picked my kids to be volunteers for the show. What an amazing experience for them. I have never fed parrots before and would love to do that. The pelicans are huge and beautiful. Of course you like them because they are all white! LOL! I am looking forward to more photos @tangmo! : )

Oh! It's an amazing and exciting experience for your kids indeed! I can imagine it.

Yeah! Again, you know me well, my dear sis. The main reason that I love those pelicans is their white bodies. ;D

Thanks so much for your nice comment and this can make me smile widely now. ;)

I am happy that you are smiling widely now sis! : )

I'm very happy, too! ;)))

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Thank you very much! ;)

Lots of people at the park! This place must be very popular!!

You are right! The place is very popular indeed. A lot of fun and relaxing! Many thanks! ;)

Wow beautiful bird . excellent photography

Thanks a lot! I like this photo, too. ;)

Now that's the place where humans and animals are so close together wonderful clicks

Thanks a lot! Yeah! It's so fun to be close to animals indeed. ;)