Charming Places and Beautiful High Buildings in San Francisco, USA

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San Francisco46.jpg

San Francisco is well-known as one of the fascinating cities in the world. The city has many charming places and beautiful buildings. I think you may recognize the wonderful “Golden Gate Bridge” from my old posts.

The natural beauty around San Francisco impresses me, as a nature lover. The sea view and the mountain view are picturesque.

San Francisco105.jpg

San Francisco43.jpg

San Francisco44.jpg

San Francisco53.jpg

San Francisco54.jpg

San Francisco55.jpg

San Francisco56.jpg

San Francisco37.jpg

San Francisco38.jpg

San Francisco57.jpg

San Francisco104.jpg

Apart from the beauty of nature, San Francisco also looks impressive with the beautiful high buildings.

San Francisco.jpg

San Francisco73.jpg

San Francisco72.jpg

San Francisco96.jpg

San Francisco97.jpg

San Francisco98.jpg

San Francisco67.jpg

San Francisco71.jpg

San Francisco70.jpg

San Francisco69.jpg

San Francisco36.jpg

San Francisco100.jpg

San Francisco101.jpg

The San Francisco Cable Car is one of the highlights of San Francisco. It is famous as one of the oldest trams in the world. I like that it has a classic style.

I would surely be excited and enjoy traveling around and admiring the beautiful scenery of the city via this tram someday.

San Francisco91.jpg

San Francisco92.jpg

San Francisco33.jpg

San Francisco94.jpg

San Francisco95.jpg

In my next post, there are some more photos of San Francisco from my brother’s trip for you…. Please stay tuned!


Very good photos friend, I liked the sculptures that the clouds make in some of the photos.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm glad you like the photos. I love the clouds, too. ;)

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of San Francisco.

Thank you very much for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm happy that you like the photos. ;)

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