Beautiful scenery and Magnificent Cathedrals in Germany

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If you are my old friends, you may know well that I’m the one who love nature. During my sister’s trip in Germany, she took a lot of photos that show beautiful scenery among nature. I’m very happy to see the photos and would like to take this good opportunity to post them here for you as well…..

Standing by the river is one of my favorites. And it would be great if I am there right now. For me, this river view with the magnificent Cathedral at the background is even more picturesque.



The bridge is very beautiful and it looks nice for walking and bicycling.



And WOW! A lot of lovely keys at the bridge!


There are a lot of magnificent cathedrals in Germany and this one is among them.


You can see ancient buildings which are beautiful and outstanding among modern buildings in the city.





Or you can sit by the window, have diner and see the magnificent cathedral in the same time.

Very great, right?



The statue is elegant and beautiful.


The fountain with sculptures is wonderful and it looks relaxing by the surrounding green trees.


I love to take photos of flowers wherever I found. As I always say, flowers can brighten the places and make the place look refreshing and relaxing as well.

The below photo is a good example…. These flowers are very gorgeous with the magnificent castle in the background. I also love the bright blue sky and white clouds. Really wonderful!


Flowers with beautiful scenery of river and mountains at the background are also the ones that I love....



I think, the countryside view of each country has its own fascinating nature and atmosphere. Like this one in Germany, it looks peaceful and refreshing with the greenery, mountains and canal. I also like the houses styles. Very unique!

This countryside scenery impressed me very much while I visited Germany a long time ago.






Other beautiful places in Germany.....



I must give many thanks to my sister who bring the good memories to me via plenty of marvelous photos of this beautiful country.

I do really hope that I can visit Germany again someday….

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Guao Spectacular photographs @tangmo. I love all the photos, the clouds look wonderful intertwined with each other, the flowers are the decoration in our nature that enrich our soul, the architecture of the Cathedrals are wonderful. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos, Thanks to your sister.

Thank you very much on behalf of my sister! I'm happy to hear that you like these photos. I love the clouds and the Cathedrals, too.

Well said, "the flowers are the decoration in our nature that enrich our soul", I totally agree. ;)

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Thank you very much! ;)

Indeed those photos are very beautiful. hope you enjoyed with your sister’s trip.

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Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm happy that you like these photos. Yeah! I do hope to visit Germany again soon.... ;)

Germany is on my list to visit. So beautiful, and SO much history. There are so many old old buildings. There is nothing like that here. I love the locks on the bridge too. That is so cool and odd. I wonder what the tradition is? I've seen smaller places here that have it, and always wondered. Thanks for another look at a place I hope to see one day. Have a nice night, GFF

Yeah! Like you said, Germany is so beautiful and SO much history that I would love to visit again, too.

Ah! Thanks for the right word, "the locks", and not "the keys"..... (My first thought was right, but I have changed my mind when I wrote it down in my article.... Ha ha!)

As far as I understand, these locks maybe the symbol of "forever love"..... It is believed that two lovers who put the lock together will never be separated.... I'm not sure whether my understanding is correct or not! But, it would be good signs or great meaning, for sure! ;D

Many thanks for your nice comment and sharing your experience with me....

Have a wonderful night, GFF! ;))))

(My brother has visited U.S.A recently and I hope he would send some photos for me to present here.... From the two photos that he previously sent to me, I can say that, U.S.A. has also beautiful places. I would love to visit U.S.A., too)

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Lovely photos of this great city with old monuments and cathedrals! I bet there must be some ghosts around the place.

I love the lake side view and a bottle of wine!

Yeah! This is great city with old monuments and cathedrals, I absolutely agree.

Ah! Thanks for reminding me about ghosts.... I think, we should avoid visiting these places at night, right? ;D

The lake side view and a bottle of wine is my favorite, too.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. ;)

Wow! Germany is beautiful! The scenery is magnificent and breathtaking. Thanks for sharing these photos and please tell your sister thank you also. I really enjoyed them. : )

Thanks so much for your nice comment and many thanks on behalf of my sister. I'll tell her accordingly.

I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed these photos. Yeah! Germany is very beautiful indeed, I absolutely agree. ;)

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Thank you! ;)

Thanks for sharing, @tangmo. That golden color cathedral is very beautiful and so is the countryside.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Yeah! I love the cathedral and the countryside, too. Very beautiful indeed. ;)

Wow nice photography . your great travel experience beautiful place.
Thanks @tangmo
have a nice day

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the photos and the place.

Have a pleasant day! ;)

Amazing photo tour of this country.
Thank you very much for the wonderful photos, @tangmo

Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear that you like the photos. ;)

Honestly that bridge is so wonderful with that sky! Great photography from your sis!


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Many thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad to hear that you like the photos. Yeah! The bridge is so wonderful with that sky, as you said, I absolutely agree. ;)

This place is beautiful in every aspect of the city looking so beautiful and amazing great shots too you shared :D

Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you like the city and found the photos interesting. ;)

Wow enjoyed with your trip. its amazing bridge . nice photography.

Thanks so much! I like the bridge, too. Very amazing indeed! ;)

Beautiful pictures

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the pictures! ;)

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