Travel with me # 56 : Visiting the worlds largest museum of decorative arts and design - The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) (Photos + Video)

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Greetings Steemit Friends:

Visiting museums are well worth it!

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Albertopolis. Otherwise known as South Kensington. And in particular visiting the V&A museum. The V&A stands for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The area is known as Albertopolis because of it's association with Prince Albert and the institutions associated with him. Some other popular places in this area include the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and last but not least, The Royal Albert Hall.

The V&A is considered the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design. In total, it's collection is composed of around four and a half million objects. The history of these objects, span some 5000 years and draw from a variety of cultures including European, North American, Asian and African.


Since 2001, V&A has followed other national British Museums and opened up their exhibitions to the public for free. However, the V&A often hosts paid entry exhibitions, an example of which was the Alexander McQueen show in 2015 which turned out to be a contender for one of the top paid exhibitions in London that year with over 3,400 visitors per day!

Museums are places that inspire people, like with every museums with such a large collection, it can take many visitations to even have a thorough browse of the collections, let alone study much of their individual histories. For me, I really enjoy observing and appreciating the broad mediums through which art has been expressed throughout history. Since I wouldn't consider myself an artist, I find it really hard to have any critiques for any of the exhibits.

I didn't have much time to visit all of the galleries and exhibits in the V&A, in-fact, I probably only covered a tiny fraction. But it's a good reason to keep coming back and seeing the other sections at a later date.

Let's take a look at what I managed to see on this visit!

This is the main entrance which was designed by Aston web from 1899-1909.
You can see Prince Albert in the centre of the main arch above the two entrances and then above the frame and around the arches and entrance, you can see Queen Victoria.



This is the 11 metre high blown glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly. It has been here since the year 2000 and is the focal point of the main entrance of the V&A.


This is the Weston Cast Court. Most of the objects in this room are plaster casts of the original. The original details are all pretty much retained. Most of the original sculptures were made in the 15th century, and then plaster cast in the 19th century. All of the sculptures in the Weston Cast Court are from Europe. At the V&A, they like to separate the different exhibits by way of region.






































These are some of the external displays from the upcoming Pink Floyd exhibition. I'm not too familiar with their music as I haven't listened to very much music from the 60's, but I'm definitely going to come back and learn some more about them.




This is the North Facade. Also home to the central garden which was opened as the John Madejski Garden on July 5th, 2005.
The architecture here is from the Edwardian period and so comprises mainly red brick and portland stone.




This is the Dorothy and Michael Hintze Gallery which is mainly comprised of portraits and memorial sculptures of people and important historical figures. Do you recognise any of them?















Of course, on the way out there is a gift shop. As it was closing time, I was quickly shoo'ed out of the building and was even told to stop taking photos. Still, I managed to get some pictures of these prints which remind me of the winding river city maps I saw at the Shard.



Thanks for taking the time to view my collection of photos from my first visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum. It was only after visiting the museum did I realise that I would need several more visits to see more! So, expect to see some more virtual picture tours of other sections of the museum in the near future! For now, I hope you enjoyed these beautiful sculptures from the Weston Cast Court and Dorothy and Michael Hintze Gallery.

Stay tuned for more travel blogs and much more!

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you should edit the end of post, seems pasted too much
other than this - good job as usual

thanks for the help! Appreciated!

Excellent work lady @sweetsssj, congratulations on the beautiful images and video you have shared, are of very good quality, beautiful the place you have visited
Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post

Thanks nano2nd, very happy to share my experiences with you and everyone!

Love this! So detailed. 👌🏻


Never been there , so much appreciate your insight .thank you

You're welcome, add it to list of must sees whilst in London!

Thanks for another great tour, you are an inspiration for others to join Steemit!

I'm glad, I would love to see many more sign up and make the content on steemit even more diverse!

Lovely video and pictures - thanks for posting. 'Albertopolis' - I hadn't heard that expression before :) I visited the V&A for the first time a couple of years ago, and it's a must-see.

For me, the Trajan's Column replica in the cast court is the highlight - gargantuan and absolutely spectacular. I just wonder how on earth they got it in there? :)

I also wondered that as well! It would be even harder if they were the stone originals..

Congratulations @sweetsssj!
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Great post! I remember viewing a very naughty and very large bed at the V&A years ago called the "Great Bed of Ware". Supposedly, it could sleep four couples comfortably! ;)

Was that a modern exhibit? I didn't know about that!! Interesting tho.. no models?

Oh no, it's an antique canopy. It would be fun if the exhibit for that bed included models!

The Great Bed of Ware was originally housed in an inn - mind you, given olde worlde travelling conditions, I think anyone using the bed would have been too weary for any mischief :)

Great video! What a lovely museum and so much old history to see. Thanks for taking the time to assemble it all and share it ^_^

Thanks for commenting on the video! I was wondering if people watched it or not!

You're welcome :> yeah I thought it was actually pretty concise. It's hard for most travelers to let 95% of their footage go unseen, but I think you did a good job of conveying the visit without requiring me to commit to like 30-40 minutes of footage, right? so yeah, super watchable and pleasant music and you present yourself well so it makes a nice video; good job! ^^

Excellent post lady @sweetsssj is always a real pleasure to visit your works, knowing that I will find an excellent material, congratulations on the beautiful images you have captured, thank you very much for sharing the video

Thanks jlufer, you're such an attentive reader, thanks for being so supportive!

This is one of the greatest posts I've ever seen in Steem!

Nice Pics!! Good Collection .......Grt

Thanks !

very beautiful pictures

Nice... I'm @zaragast, give a watch in my steemit blog. I do art picture. If u like it please follow me and resteem please ;)


谢谢啦: )

What a remarkable place! One could go in with a sketch pad and get lost for days...
Or completely absorbed reading your posts...I've really liked all your recent ones (stumbles into town breathless and dishevelled)

Reminds me of my days in school and the school trips to the museum with sketch books.. Might have to start doing that again!

@sweetsssj love this! I enjoyed looking through your gallery. We will be in China in August - if you will be around we should meet up!

What an interesting trip! Thank you for sharing!

You're welcome bugavi, thanks for stopping by!




Excellent work, beautiful museum and pictures.. great post :)

Cheers deepti

Lovely article. Those sculptures towards the end are fantastic. The structure of the building was also another highlight for me :)

Oh definitely, the visual appeal is definitely way up there!

Great post as always!
Thanks for sharing and Steem on!

Thanks jcsteem! Steeming on!

Wow, your images are so awesome! Thanks for letting us travel along with you, its a pleasure to see your journey.

My pleasure!

wow very nice place!

It really gives the Louvre a run for it's money!

jeje yea!

Another great and beautiful post @sweetsssj. I just read your previous post and another one has You know that i am always dreaming to visit a place like this, hopefully one day i am able to. Great post and very informative..thumbs up!!

thanks judeanthony! It's a great thing to dream, it keeps us motivated, and striving to realise those dreams.

I was there yesterday for the Pink Floyd exhibit. It's very good. I need to revisit the museum to see more of what they have some time. It's been a while since I did that

Oh you were! One step ahead of me! How was it?

As a fan it was great to see the instruments and the stage props. It takes you a little closer to them, although I never saw them in concert.

Here's my post about it

Wow amazing !!! Love your pictures

Thanks soldier, gosh looking back there are so many!

I thought the museum display are usually quite dark but your shots came out nicely inside too.

you know, I would usually agree, but actually this museum has really good natural lighting. Also, that day was particularly sunny (which is rare in London)

Ah... natural lighting is always good for shooting.

Yeah! The roof is made with glass windows so it's very good on sunny days!

Queens, Alberta, what familiar names, I visited those places, but in Canada.

A lot of commonality between Canada and UK

Very interesting and lovely photos! Such an amazing blog could not stop reading was so hooked reading all about the beautiful artwork ❤️🎨🎀🏺⚱️

I'm flattered, thanks for the vote of confidence!

Great Pictures! Thanks!

You're welcome grognak!

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Wow, i really enjoyed your post, the very colourful pictures and the video too. I admire the hardwork you put in to this post. Good job.
Can't wait to see more.

Thank you, thanks for spending the time to read and check my post out!

It sure is a beautiful museum, you did a excellent job trying to capture it! :)

thanks, will be going back shortly for more :D

Beautiful place! Thank you @sweetsssj for the pleasure of seeing these photos! Your video is beautiful! You are a happy man, you travel a lot! Here's a little about my city: I give you a sweet treat!

Thank you for such amazing photos. The VA is the first place I got each time I visit London. Safe travels @sweetsssj!

Those museum photos are quite impressive! Thanks for sharing and showing us new places!

What an impressive display of photos @sweetsssj! You really dove into the museum with the full 'travel with me' force ;)

Aha I see what you did there ;)

LOL, I knew you would ;)

Great and informative post. Will put this on my travel list.

Like your style and love to know, as being an author of books, how long you work on a post like this.

Steem on

Nice pictures Sweet

cheers sunil!

very nice. nice I idea. I will post some of my trips as well. :)

Please do! I look forward to seeing your posts :)

I learn so much and it's really very colorful pictures and good information I'm going to follow you for sure

Awesome post!
No more posts about Paris?

Great article, loved the photos.

Your doing a great work here!... kiss

Ah yes! I live in London and have been there many times. There is a Pink Floyd exhibition going on there now :)