Norwegian Winter Wonderland

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Scandinavian winters are magical. Snow and crispy air! What more do you need?

Here are some pictures from my cabin trip to Sirdal, Norway.

Hot tub time!

Just hanging around in my hammock!

Chili hotdogs...😂

Late and looong Sunday breakfasts are the best.

Would you mind cross country skiing skiing here?

Snow angels, anyone?

The Norwegian word for cabin is HYTTE!
Every hytte with respect for itself has a fireplace, or two!

A weekend with friends, food and fun!

Breakfast is served.

Have you ever been to Norway? What did you think about it?



Wow! So jealous hoping to head up there this summer with the kids. Sure is beautiful in winter though! And yummy food

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The summer is by far the best time to go to Norway. Make sure to visit Bergen and Lofoten!

Hi, I just stumbled across your post and loved the photos! Where else would you recommend visiting in Norway apart from Bergen and Lofoten?

Ny town: Stavanger. Magne Tromsø, Hardanger and Prekestolen too.

Okay, thanks for the suggestions ❤️
How long would you suggest it would take to see these places at a leisurely pace?

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Oh man, it looks so nice I could cry! Looks like you are taking care of yourself quite well :) I secretly envy you big time! Enjoy :)

Hi! Long time no see. It was super nice!! Thanks for leaving a reply.

Yeah, as you might have noticed I was off the radar for a bit. But now I'm back at full swing! Still keeping an eye on what's going on here :)

I have to say, your posts are really the best advertisement Norway could ask for (if Norway would ask for it ;) ). Wouldn't mind living there for a while!

Great looking 'cabin!' Glad you're still traveling, writing, and posting!

The winter magic is complimented with your beauty and good food

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