Lobster, Room Service and Swimming Pool Goals - The Danish Way — Steemit

Lobster, Room Service and Swimming Pool Goals - The Danish Way

in travel •  5 months ago

I love it here already! Sun, friends, food and vacation. What more could one ask for?
Room service! 🤣

Man on Les Suites - a hotel in the Guldmesen chain.
Absolutely wonderful place. Eco and environmental friendly. The food is also outstanding!

Delicious lobster salad at The Market. An Asian fusion restaurant.

When the shampoo, conditioner and soap is better than the ones you brought with you!

Loving all the cool details in my hotel room.

And yes. After a late night, room service happened.
Don’t judge! LOL. 😂

Tomorrow: Danish lunch, sightseeing and catching up with two friends I haven’t seen in a long time! Exciting!



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this looks absolutely beautiful, the food and the location 😊😊 have fun girl and enjoy your weekend, GREETINGS!


Thank you - it’s hard not to have fun here!


exactly :DD

  • live it up hha!

WOW this looks like such an awesome place to stay! I love that first picture. I need to be in a place like this right about now haha


Hahah! get on a plane to Copenhagen then.

Wow Susanne you really know how to travel. That looks like a really cool hotel and eco friendly. I have my own eco plans coming. I think you will like it.


I love exploring New places. That’s cool! Can’t wait to hear!

Man, you really know how to pick your hotels! Looks really nice! Enjoy your stay!