7 Pictures That Might Convince You To Travel To Vietnam

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I’ve been in Vietnam for one month now. I can work from anywhere so I decided to skip the dreadful month of October in Norway. It gets dark and it rains a lot.
Coming here to Vietnam turned out to be an amazing decision.








All those pictures are taken at Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island. It’s where I’ve spent three out of the four weeks I’ve been here.

The key words for the island:

  • Quiet

  • Sunsets

  • Beaches

  • Great food

Lots of love,



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apparently the baths in Vietnam are good and beautiful ... @susanne

Yes. They really are :)

It is really so beautiful. In a single word just awesome.

I agree! Thank you for reading!

Yeah @susanne, that definitely looks like an improvement over a Scandinavian dreary autumn and winter... the joys of being a cyber nomad!

Great pictures! I have been to Phu Quoc as well. On top of the beautiful scenery, the flavored peanuts at their local night market is also a must-try!

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Wow! You have lived a life that many people can only dream of! I'm back in Indiana and it is starting to get raining and cold so that trip is looking like a lot of fun!

At the very least I'm going to drive down to Florida soon to be at the beach and then probably go down to Puerto Rico while I'm down that way as well!

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