Postcard From White Heaven ❄️ Why We Need To Go Out and Just Live

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Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. - Andy Goldsworthy

I couldn't have said it any better, Andy!

My current vacations in the Alps both remind me of an incredible time from my childhood and also create some new memories I'll definitely remember forever.

I'm in-between the past and the future at one of the most amazing spots I've ever been to.

Let me take you to a place where life's pure and intense!

@surfermarly skiing in Switzerland

If it's not heaven, then we're at least pretty close

It feels amazingly good to be back on the slopes!

On the first day I was quite nervous since my last day skiing was four years ago. Still once I started to slide over the white powder it felt as if I had never done anything else in my life :-)

The weather was splendid, just as you imagine the perfect day in the mountains: blue skies and snow-covered slopes.

These are the moments we're living for, right? :-)

Stunning views over the ski region

My body managed the heavy temperature drop pretty well!

Since I suffered a heavy cold in January, I was a bit afraid of the cold shock that expected me at the destination.

The difference in temperatures was -30 degrees Celsius - quite a challenge for my immune system! But even though I had forgotton my ski mask in the hotel the very first day and couldn't cover my mouth and nose appropriately, I got used to breath the icecold air pretty fast.

If you live life on the edge in the most positive sense possible, then you'll never miss a thing.

@surfermarly ready to rock

Find your passion and then do this. Just this.

That's the one and only advice I can give you, now that I see again how important it is to fill one's pocket with experiences and memories.

Currently I'm the happiest version of myself, and I'm pretty sure that this amazing wave of enthusiasm and joy will be by my side for a long time.

Go out and live, steemians! We've got just that one chance to make the very best of our time given.
Marly -

Thanks for your valuable time!
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aiming to provide stories for open-minded
people who enjoy living on the edge of their lives,
stepping out of comfort zones, going on adventure,
doing extreme sports and embracing the new.
Welcome to the too-much-energy-blog!

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Follow your passion .. for Me i am Done With snow this year and decided to take a tour in North Afrika and Asia beaches for this winter :)
Follow your passion and Enjoy @surfermarly

Looks amazing! I didn’t get a chance to make it this year but it’s in my list for next year! Love the mountain snow!! Thanks for the post!

Your post is so positive!

I hope you enjoyed the snow!

Thank you @jwolf!!
I guess it's because I'm just where I wanna be doing what I love :-)

First of all, i am now wondering how you get soo good starting quotes that suits any topic you choose to write about😧

Having a good time marly! I see😏

No wonder we haven't been seeing you around here much😢

Fill those pockets up with more memories and experiences than they can take so we can get more advice from you😏

Have fun!
And please come back to earth from heaven ASAP, some followers have kinda missed ya presence🙄😏

Have fun!

First of all, i am now wondering how you get soo good starting quotes that suits any topic you choose to write about😧

Haha, this was was indeed a gift, it perfectly matched with my message.

Thanks for your kindness. I'll be back soon with the wintery video documentation from my trip :-)

Totally agree. No sense in sulking around. That said, since we've had snow since October - i'm done with it. So very done. And we just got another foot yesterday. Uggg. We spent the day rolling down hills though :) Bring on summer!

Haha, I can understand your point of view pretty well :-) To me it was the other way around. I needed to freeze again!

Sieht top aus.
War auch erst in Österreich zum Skifahren.
Die frische Luft, der wahnsinnige Ausblick, die sportliche Auslastung. Einfach perfekt :)

Da kann ich nur zustimmen! Für mich ist das eine der besten Beschäftigungen der Welt - abgesehen vom Surfen natürlich :-) Wenn man nicht zwischendurch Geld verdienen müsste, könnte man das eigentlich die ganze Zeit über tun, haha

Hahaha also da kann ich dir absolut recht geben :)

Since last one month I am searching for the motivational goals so tha I can join the gym and get back in my proper shape. Sometimes we run out of motivation and we need some kicks like you given by your posts. Please keep on writing these wonderful posts and get me back through the old track by your words and quotes. I can't waste my entire life in just eating and sleeping.

Haha, my winter was also pretty long, and I haven't found back to my summer shape either. But you're right, we need these kick-starts in order to move on. I'm glad you discovered some inspiration in my posts! :-)

Yay holidays!

Glad you are having fun :)

Although snow does bring back childhood memories (its been a few years since i've seen any), I'm so over it after a day - the cold is not for me!

However, if you are doing a sport and keeping warm that way then that sounds much better!

Enjoy the rest of your trip - I'm looking forward to the jumps and tricks caught on tape! :)

Haha, today I did some fancy shots for the records - I think the video is gonna be special :-)

I don't like freezing much either. The clothes are keeping me warm as you said, and I'm fully enjoying being in nature. Also the views on the glacier let you forget about the temperature quickly.

Sorry for replying late! I guess it's a good sign that I'm not online all the time :-))
Big hugs, Ash!

Yes it's a great sign! It's been the opposite for me, but I am waiting for the temperature to go up so I can go for a swim :)

I'll have to check for new photos and videos...


yap your right your having the fun of your life in white haeven mavilious plave great photography nice post on steemit i always loved your travel and its my first time commenting on your post and i am your new follower @surfermarly

WoW this nice post ,Seeing you dressed and ready to skate makes
me feel so enthusiastic. I like skiing on ice so match

It's really beautiful gorgeous smail....i like your photography..i think you provisional photographer....thanks for sharing...

these are the moments we remember always!
every time we recall these memories they make us happy.that is why it is important to explore new things to fill yourself with great memories.....
that is indeed very close to heaven!

Today i planned to visit my neighboring city where i found the glimpse of Spring Season in the form of different flowers with amazing colors. Yes, you Marly inspired me to go outside, i am convinced that no body can learn the things until he/she goes outside to his/her comfort zone. I know diving and skiing are your passions and i love t see the white powder of the mountains.

You are looking wonderful in this skiing dress and i pray to Almighty Allah for your safe journey my friend :)

Stay Blessed

I've never experienced snow in my life my friend. Looking at you and reading your amazing motivating words makes me wanna experience it one day!
I've always lived on temperatures of 20-34 degrees.
Thanks for sharing.

There are indeed very few people who does not get to get what they want but glad to see that you are indeed enjoying the time of your life .

Well yes the scenarios are indeed beautiful !

Sudden change in temperatures always makes your life at pause mostly,I'm from India and I can't even stand temperature at 10℃ ,our winters also mostly between 12℃-24℃.
Also hope you get your lost pace as you get familiar with the stuff,waiting for dtube video.

Awesome pictures and excellent photography.

amazing ☺the ice is so nice you are looking too much good
i want to go there

@surfermarly You just inspired me to do something new... How i wish i live in a country where it snows, would have been better... Thanks dear... Cheers!

Wieso ist denn die Piste so leer? Da hast du aber richtig Glück, sieht echt traumhaft aus, besonders ohne andere Skifahrer oder Snowboarder :P

Haha, da sind schon noch ein paar :-) Das Ski-Gebiet ist so riesig, dass ich das hier immer sehr gut verteilt. So muss man an Liften und Gondeln auch überhaupt nicht anstehen, das ist natürlich großartig. Nicht nur deshalb ist das hier mein absoluter Lieblingsspot zum Skifahren.

It is total fun....everything covered under snow.....looks like white paradise only thing that bothers is the cold.....if that thing is taken out of consideration is completely fun........
I am also from the place where we get snow....from kashmir ...may you wud have heard about this place .....

You're lucky to have found your passion in this life. After all,there are many people, who have never experienced such emotions. They like everything and nothing at the same time. I love the way you describe your trip. Similar words said to me my husband, when he can go to the mountain and snowboarding (after the baby is born it turns out he's not so often)

i want to go out because i like tour & traveling so much. and also i want to enjoying my travels look like as your all lovely pictures.

Wow imagino la adrenalina que sentiste y la alegría que corrió por tus venas al recordar todas esas hermosas cosas, algún día quisiera visitar suiza y mas aun los alpes para ver los hermosos lugares que visitaste, siempre siguiendo tus publicaciones como buen seguidor, saludos :D

YES! Those are EXACTLY the moments we're living for, hurray!!! Never stop collecting moments, you're dead when you do.
X Lazy Bird

Awesome this photography, I appreciate your traveling....

At least you did what you wanted to do and thats all what matters. It is very strange, but if we experience -30 in the city we freeze lol But once we go to a such beautiful place we forget everything. It seems normal and we dont feel cold!
I think the answer is Happiness. Once you are happy and enjoy what you are doing, you dont notice anything else.
Lovely photos :)

Well combined @hanen :-)
These views make you forget about everything - even the icecold air that floods your lungs.

Currently I'm the happiest version of myself

Yes! This is so important! Last year many things happened that left me in a dark place. I stopped doing the things that used to bring me joy in the past. I suffered a lot and I was only a shadow of myself.

With the beginning of the new year, I decided that this could not keep going on. I started a journal where daily I'd write something that made me happy that day and at first it was difficult to find something. But with time, now I struggle to choose just one!

Slowly I begun to do my old hobbies, drawing, writing, watching movies, etc. It is impressive how this can change you. They look like silly things, but they bring us happiness. No matter what you enjoy to do, just do it. They are part of you.

So I hope you keep being the positive light that you are and have lots of fun during your journey.

I've never even imagined skiing in the Alps but it must be beautiful! My favorite line is this: "Currently I'm the happiest version of myself' because when that's achieved it's magic. :)

great post guys.I hope you enjoyed the snow.

I felt so motivated by your pictures and your write up.. You reminded me that we should enjoy as much as we can from every moment..

Awesome! That's been pretty much the idea of this article :-) I'm glad you found it inspiring in such way!

Good to hear you’re having fun and your health and body have coped with the change. We had a Steemup here in Brisbane yesterday, it was 36c and very humid but we still had a great time talking all things Steem.

Your post has been featured in the first issue of the brand new Make It Healthy Project Magazine! Many thanks for sharing such a great post, it's invaluable to the Steemit community (and perhaps even the world!) I do so enjoy your positive posts @surfermarly, they're very inspiring :-)

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