By train through Europe - 11th August - Vienna

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The morning started with a breakfast buffet at the Turkish (I think) restaurant at the corner, and we then walked to the castle “Schönbrunn”, about 70 minutes. There, we walked around and took pictures, as the castle and especially the garden was beautiful!



Flowers, amazing buildings, water fountains, sweating runners, an overpriced zoo (20€ p.p.), a house specifically made for doves, sleeping ducks, everything was there.

IMG_20180811_120356.jpgNow that's a weird duck

IMG_20180811_122022.jpgKinda weird, these doves

The garden can be entered without paying a fee, and there’s also free drinking water. But be warned: If you need to go to the toilet, it’ll cost you a 50 cents coin.

Only if you’re a woman tho. Men can just pee into the open pissoirs. Talk about profiting from sexism.

After that, we walked another hour and a bit to visit a traditional “Kaffeehaus”. Which had an endless line in front of it, that prompted us to go to a local restaurant instead. There, we had “Käsespätzle” and something I forgot the name of, but which was basically fried potatoes with sausage and an egg on top. And as dessert, an “Eismarillenknödel”. Ah, that feels so German.

The walk back was, again, over an hour.



We grabbed some food at the supermarket, to not be forced to go out into the scorching heat again, which had made us so tired, that nothing productive came out of that evening.

IMG_20180811_105533.jpg"How did we deserve this?" Austrian advertisement is refreshingly vague.

It was already quite late, when @lichtcatchtoby arrived back home. We chatted a bit, agreed to do something the next day, exchanged the “suesa badge” and went to sleep.

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I love ducks! Oh they're always so cute. Doves can be kind of ok.

But not compared to ducks.

Compared to ducks, most birds are like... comparing another bird to a duck.
Which is basically nothing impressive.

You put good humor when you include a photo description of ducks and pigeons. I laughed because I was sure you did it on purpose. Salute

Hello, all the images are very nice, but your image of ducks and pigeons is very funny, I love both birds, Congratulations