6 hours to Liaocheng - The Water City

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Hi everyone,

I am writing this while on my 6 hour train ride from Tianjin to Liaocheng. My partner has been making most of the travel arrangement, and she has done a great job booking travel which has been cost effective and also relatively painless.

Up until the point we boarded the train, I thought I was taking one of those nice comfy high speed train. You know, the ones that go 300km/h, and make the really cool whoosh noise as they go past.

My assumption was based on our previous travel arrangements and my partner's comments that she had "spoiled us" with two 1st class ticket to Laocheng, complete with beds.

She definitely trolled me.. and Hard....

Here's us, chilling in our 1st Class Bunk Beds. Good things I freaken love bunk beds 😁

I am not upset at all, and am actually thrilled for the change of event. And truth be told, she did spoil us. We got bunk beds which are around 140 yuan, standing/siting tickets are 64 yuan. Our tickets are over 218% over the base ones! Living rich right.

With the exception of this perpetual fog surrounding us, the train ride has been pretty uneventful. I might post an update if something interesting pops up. But that's it from me for now because it's my turn to take a nap 😪.

All the best
@strongerbeings 🏋️‍♂️

PS: The only thing I know about Liaocheng is literally in the title 😅

For the past hour, a perpetual fog seems to have engulfed the entire area. I feel like I am travelling through Stephen King's MIST! 🌫🌫🌫

The train is equip with side tables and a wide walking corridor so you can still make your 10000 steps a day 🕺

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I just went through your posts and holy moley they are amazing!
Are you a journalist because you've got some serious Steem cred here... the pollution piece is particularly amazing. It's a topic near and dear to my heart and one of the most frustrating things about Australian (and now US) politics. Thank goodness at least for Elon making grand Twitter offers hey.

In regards to this post... you guys are so richy rich with your 1st class tickets and your full bottles of Sprite. Can't wait to see what the water city brings...

Also, you should be adding in Steemitworldmap pins to these posts... surely you're the first Steemian in Laocheng. Here's the latest from @choogirl : Travel Digest

Haha. Thanks @aussieninja!! Means a lot coming from a future ninja warrior champion! Also great to know at least a handful of people are reading my posts.

Thanks for the tip about steemitworld map pins, I will try and figure out how to do it :)

Smashed it dude! Steemitworldmap 4evs!

Also... might be just a handful at the moment... but it's the best handful on the platform!

Triple bunks are hardcore ;D Bet whoever's up top could see everything from up there! (and if I ever travelled on one of those I'd probably have kids clamouring for the highest bunk). That part actually looks like a pretty sweet setup. Are you two in the middle bunks?


Hi @ryivhnn. Yeah we got the middle bunks. The pictures a bit deceiving, but the bottom bunk is by far the best bunk as you have enough head room to actually sit up, plus a sweet little side table to hold ur snacks.

Whats really sucks with bunk allocation is that its kind of random. You can specify what you perfer, bit often they will switch you up anyway. You dont really know for sure till they print the ticket for you!!.

So crazy that while I'm sitting here, same as always at my computer desk, you're cruising across the country on a train doing the same thing, posting on Steemit haha.

PS I've added you to my autovoter bot thingo now, so you'll instantly get upvotes from me for your always great content :)

Thanks @spaceginger! Means a lot that you trust your vote with me! But yeah, technology is amazing, and as we become even more integrated online, we all truly can work wherever we want.

Thanks again for adding me to the list. I wish I knew how to even setup an autovote bot thingo. Would be superhandy!!

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