Church Of Santiago Apostol - Tequila, Mexico

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As I stated in a previous post, I recently went on a road trip to Guadalajara with my friends and boyfriend. During that trip, we stopped in the town of Tequila. Yes, it is the birthplace of the famous drink.

We spent only a couple hours in the town before heading to Guadalajara. We wanted to spend the night there but every hotel was booked. It was surprising but as we explored the streets, we realized how insanely packed the town was. In the middle of the town stands Parroquia Santiago Apostol or Church of Santiago Apostol, the main church in Tequila.


While researching the church, I got conflicting information regarding the history. There were only two places I could find information on Tequila with information about the church. First was Wikipedia. Wikipedia says that the church is from the 18th century and was built by Martin Casillas. However, someone on Trip Advisor who visited the church and was saying that the church is from the 1600's. It's also a UNESCO site. I tried looking for the UNESCO page for the church but I could only find pages with information on the drink.

Whatever the history is, it's a beautiful stone church that shouldn't be passed up. On the top is a crown containing a sculpture of the Archangel Michael and inside the church is a statue of Our Lady of the Conception from 1865.

Tequila is a cool place to see, especially if you are interested in the history of tequila... the drink.

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