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RE: A New Adventure Ahead

in #travel3 years ago

Very excited for you Ruth! The house looks fab, and it seems like it has all that you need to make this move smooth and less stressful. Working less is the way to go. What I've noticed is that the less I work, the happier I become or maybe I am just the lazy type :-).

Kidding aside, I think you've spent a great deal of time honing your artistic skills, and it is now the time to reap all the benefits of that. Your heart is in the right place (family, community, artistry, and life), and that tells me no need to wish you luck for all of our universe will conspire to make you a success.


Well, I must be the lazy type too because I have the same experience:

The less I work, the happier I am

It seems like when I (curious if this is true for you too) work less on the things that are soul-sucking, then I actually want to work more and have a lot of drive for the work that matters!

Thanks for your friendship and for believing in me @steemitph, it means a lot!