We R Gettin' the Band Back 2gether!

in travel •  5 months ago

@steemcafe @ogc @larrymorrison @joepate47. Yay. We are all together again. Good to be back with my so called friends. Hope you have a wonderful 4th. 2018-07-03_20.16.25.jpg

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Great stuff man! Ordered my ticket for the Toronto conference


Awesome @scottcbusiness. It is going to be a heck of a time.


Yeah for sure :)

Great to see you too!

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Very jolly minded. Hope you are spending time happily. But don't forget me. Have a nice time.

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Thank you, @cryptospa!


Thank you @cryptospa. Saw you met up with @clixmoney. Very cool.

Yes men!


Hahaha. Hope you are getting ready for Toronto!


Yea yea ~

Of course you posted the one with my “serious face.”


Your best look ever.