🇷🇺Play Soccer ⚽While You Pee😂

in travel •  5 months ago

At the #worldcup in Sochi; I went to the bathroom. Hahahaha. You can shot for the little soccer ball and make it swing & move all around. Oh #Russia you make time here so fun.0618181737a.jpg

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Lol that’s way over the top!!

it's the sense of feeling mate shot by #kkk

is it for personal playing or for two? :)

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This is the best idea that I have seen on the internet since the snuggie (and yes the snuggie is one of the best products ever made)


Snuggies are pretty cool. Hahaha

LOL, who did that 😂

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@steemcafe, ha-ha-ha! This is funny!
Btw, were you able to score a goal?